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Dear Senator ,

My name is , first and foremost, I wanted to express my appreciation of you for representing this country. I feel so blessed to have the ability to write you this letter and express my concern on an issue that is affecting not just my loved ones and me, but also millions of people around the country.

I am writing you this letter to help find a solution to Catfishing Scams. According to the FTC, since 2015, the total amounted loss due to these scams started at $33 million lost and skyrocketed to $143 million in 2018 alone. Understanding the challenges that you and our other leaders may face in creating legislature to help protect people from online activity, I thought maybe I can offer a suggestion.

As social media and online dating become more popular they become a hunting ground for scammers. There need to be more things in place to keep people from using another person's identity to lure in victims. These platforms need to have more processes in place to combat this activity that goes on daily within their communities, otherwise, the issue will continue to claim more victims.

To help fix the issue of Catfishing Scams, I'd like to propose some solutions you may help get the conversation started. All of which will dramatically decrease the threat and save potential heartache, financial loss, social isolation as well as many other negatives that come with victims of these scams and victims whose images are being stolen for these scams. One solution that wouldn't involve having to create new legislature would be to talking to the social media platforms and dating sites asking them to put together some kind of procedure on deleting fake accounts who have been reported faster. Another solution could be a process of confirming the identities of social media or online dating users. There are many technologies that are already in place that could aid with this. If someone wants to confirm their identity they could provide the platforms with some form of identification to show they are the real person behind the account.

In conclusion, I again want to express my appreciation for your openness to receive my email. If you can please work to getting something put in place to help those being scammed online, I know many people will benefit. If you have any questions or would like me to express my concern or share my experience with you further, please feel free to respond to my email.

Thank you,