Data Breach Statistics

$3.9 Million Money Stolen

$3.9 Million Money Stolen

As of 2019, the average amount of money stolen by hackers during a data breach was $3.92 Million dollars.

27.9% Chance to Affect

27.9% Risk Factor

An average person who has an online account has a 27.9% chance of experiencing a data breach.

6.4 Million Accounts Affected

6.4 Million Accounts Affected

An estimated 6,466,440 accounts are affected by data breaches daily.

14% Financial Breaches

14% Financial Breaches

14% of all data breaches have been financial ones. 47% of these data breaches have affected bank accounts.

Biggest Data Breaches in History

eBay - 2014 145 Million
Compromised Accounts

Target Stores - 2012 110 Million
Compromised Accounts

JP Morgan Chase - 2014 76 Million
Compromised Accounts

Equifax - 2017 143 Million
Compromised Accounts

Home Depot - 2014 56 Million
Compromised Accounts

Yahoo - 2013 3 Billion
Compromised Accounts

Why Use Our Data Breach Checker?

Why Use Our Data Breach Checker

Verify that only YOU have access to your personal information.

If your personal data has been exposed, get details on which account was involved and when.

Find out what critical information associated with compromised accounts have been made available on the Dark Web:

  • Dates of birth
  • Email Addresses
  • Genders
  • Location / Addresses
  • Names
  • Usernames / Passwords
  • Employers / Job Titles
  • Phone Numbers
  • Salutations
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Your Website Activity
  • IP Addresses

Check to see if a hacker has compromised your loved ones’ information.