Discover the twelve tell-tell signs that you are interacting with a catfish online in social media networks or on popular dating websites.

Signs That You Are Talking to a Catfish Online

Catfish Protip #1


First of all, if they seem too good to be true, they probably are. People who catfish others usually make up fake lives so they can be as extravagant as they want to be. It’s difficult for you to verify if they’re a real person, so be careful if they live an extreme lifestyle.

Catfish Protip #2


Online scammers and catfish create a fake profile with broad interests in their dating profile and social media profile so that they can appeal to as many people as possible. If someone doesn’t seem to have an opinion or their interests are extensive, be wary.

They may be out to scam someone. Some examples would be them saying that they can get dressed up and go to the opera or ride horses and kick their boots up. Most people don’t have interests this broad so, if this seems like a person you’ve met online, be careful.

Catfish Protip #3


If someone seems to be falling for you and pushing the relationship forward without having talked to you or after little contact with you, they’re probably trying to catfish you online. If someone seems to be falling for you and they write and say all of these loving things about you after a brief amount of time.

Be careful. This is especially the case if they ask you for money right away.

Catfish Protip #4


If someone can only talk to you through chat or email and things ‘keep coming up’ that prevent them from video chatting or use a phone, there is probably something funny going one with your relationship online. This is also the case if you can talk to them and their voice doesn’t match their ethnicity (this isn’t always the case) or their voice seems to change, and you start to question if that was the same person you were talking to before.

Catfish Protip #5


Most scammers live overseas and say they have a ‘job’ that takes them overseas. If someone always has to travel to countries like Africa or the Middle East, be very careful if they start asking for money.

In most cases, this will turn into a Nigerian 419 scam. Also, think about why someone would ask you for money instead of their friends and family who they would usually go to first.

Catfish Protip #6


If someone asks for money after having known you for a small amount of time, be cautious. You may have been the target the entire time. And if they ask you to send it to someone else for any reason, make sure you stop communication as there is a high possibility they’re a scammer.

If you tell them you don’t have money, see how fast a catfish will run. In some cases, we’ve even seen catfish offer money and ask for bank account information. NEVER GIVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION OUT!

Catfish Protip #7


Think about it. The likelihood of someone contacting you out of nowhere and starting a romance with you is highly unlikely. So, if anyone is doing this to you, be careful.

Also, be on guard if someone says a friend of a friend is trying to connect you two. Go to any contacts and try and verify if that information is correct before moving forward with them.

Catfish Protip #8


If someone lives in the U.S. but, has terrible grammar like it’s their second language, be aware and don’t be afraid to ask more questions before pursuing a relationship, especially if you haven’t seen or talked to them in person first.

Catfish Protip #9


Online dating scams usually consist of a person ‘faking’ their identity so, keep an eye out if their online status doesn’t look real. People should have contacts, friends, and relatives on their social profiles.

If they don’t, be open to the fact that the person may be lying. Most people will post pictures of themselves, their friends and will have real interactions with others on their social accounts. If they don’t, they’re usually hiding something.

Catfish Protip #10


Furthermore, catfishers try and look appealing so they’ll steal pictures of attractive people. The people can be models, movie stars or other celebrities. Don’t let the fact that you don’t recognize someone in real life as a tool to fool you. Use our reverse image search to check the original source of their Facebook profile or other social network.

Catfish Protip #11


Most catfish online that are trying to scam you will make up far-fetched lies so that you’ll feel sorry for them. If they do this and then ask for money, be extremely cautious.

Catfish Protip #12


In the end, trust your instincts. Most people that come to us already have a hunch that something isn’t right. If that’s you, you may be correct. You know when you have that unsettling feeling. When dating people online, trust your gut.

Here are a few extra tips:

13. If they are an engineer or have a job that takes them overseas, be very careful. Most 419 scammers have jobs that take them abroad where something dramatic will happen, and they need to ask for money. If they live in the U.S. and they need to travel overseas a lot, watch for these signs.

14. If they have kids and have wife or parents that have passed away look for other signs. Again, this isn’t super uncommon but, if someone claims to have a close loved one pass away, look for other signs and be careful if they ask you for money.

15. If they contact you out of nowhere and start talking to you. If they reach out through Facebook or say that a friend of yours is also a mutual friend of theirs, and start chatting, be careful, especially if they start showing the other signs.

You can also signup to have us run a dating background check. It’s private, and the person will never know that you’ve done this. In a lot of cases, people do this to get peace of mind, not waste their time, avoid stumbling on a catfish online and avoid getting hurt even more.