Are you wondering if you’re dealing with an online scammer? Perhaps you want to know if the images and story you’ve been sent and told are accurate.

Maybe you or someone you love has been scammed in the past and want to find out how to prevent an online romance scam from happening again. Get ready for our list of famous online dating scammer and catfish photos, tricks, and how to catch these predators in the act!

How Online Dating Scammers Find Fake Photographs


We all know that dating and romance scammers trick victims daily, but how? First, they find photographs of unsuspecting people online. While these scammers used to primarily select model’s photos, today’s scammers choose pictures of everyday people as they think this will be less suspicious.

Next, they compile as many images of their alias person as possible. They either take these pictures from Google or another search engine. Meanwhile, other catfish follow social media accounts and steal screenshots of images to use as their own. Some catfish are after money, but others are building fake relationships for emotional reasons.

At Social Catfish, we are always thinking of outside the box ways to catch scammers. That is why we have compiled a behind-the-scenes team of catfish catchers to scour the internet, provide support, and find predator photos which are commonly used.

In the Army, ISO Gift Cards!

While the person in the above image is a real soldier, the individual stealing and using his photographs online is a scammer. Our team of catfish catchers found several women who interacted with a scammer posing as the gentleman above. He pushed them to get close, said he was in the military and needed a gift card, and would pay them back once he returned to the U.S. In reality, this is just one of the many lies a scammer will tell.

Dad Next-Door

If this gentleman looks like your average dad, think again. A scammer is using this man’s photographs and posing as a father looking for love. According to one member in Social Catfish’s research team, a scammer uses this man’s images and “shares very sweet photos of him and his kid, who is being naturally raised by relatives when his wife died.”

He goes by the fake name of Thomas Buckley, but the images were stolen by a scammer. The man in the photograph is Jeff Connell, a public figure and radio personality from MIX106 FM in Boise, ID.

Sign Showing Their Love

You become suspicious that an online connection is a scammer and ask for proof. They send you a picture with a sign saying they love you. Unfortunately, this is a common scam! The scammer will photograph their face onto someone else’s body and change the writing, even to your name when needed.

Beautiful Cam Girl

This is a picture of a real person. Unfortunately, a catfish stole these photos to trick online victims. Multiple Social Catfish users report seeing this individual’s photographs on dating sites/apps.

According to one Social Catfish user, even when the catfish behind the photos reveal their supposedly “true identity,” they are still lying about who they are. This same SCF user bought her gift cards, flowers, and more!

Video Dub Girl

This catfish took a real video of the above woman and dubbed in their voice or the voice of someone else over the audio. This proves that seeing isn’t believing. Look for badly recreated Photoshop or a view that doesn’t seem synced up correctly to the movements of the mouth or body.

Foreign Woman Shows Up On All The Search Sites

One Social Catfish user had been in an ongoing online relationship with the woman above and sent her money. Unfortunately, a search of her images reveals many duplicates of her photographs on multiple sites. This usually indicates that one is dealing with a scammer.

A Good Looking Doctor

This successful doctor probably isn’t the one trying to message you. Social Catfish users were quick to unmask the man in the photograph. Multiple users have stated that this doctor’s images are stolen and used by numerous scammers or catfish sending friend requests.

While it takes practice to recognize that you’re in a scammers web, the more you read up on catfish and their tricks, the more skilled you will be at putting a stop to their antics. Search by name, email, username, photograph, and phone number to uncover the truth and help you verify the identity or pull the wool off of your eyes!

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