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By Jenni Walker

OurTime has emerged on the dating scene with a website and app geared for those who are 50 and over. The premise, according to Our Time, is that ‘over age 50’ relationships can be some of the happiest, as users know exactly what they’re looking for and tend to be more satisfied with their lives. Indeed, polling shows that daters age 65+ are happier than daters in their 20’s http://match.mediaroom.com/2013-05-29-OurTime-com-the-Nations-Largest-50-Dating-Site-Reveals-that-Dating-Never-Gets-Old! Dating when you’re over 50 may be different than dating at 20, 30, or 40, but ultimately one wants to connect with local singles for fun, dating, companionship, and/or love.

This can present a unique challenge with apps and websites generally geared to attract younger audiences. For example, Tinder’s max search age is listed only as “55+” and does not have a specific age search other than that general fifty-five plus category. This can deter daters in their 60’s and 70’s from looking for compatible matches closer to their own age. Because of this, a mature adult dating site is important and OurTime fits the bill.

History of Our Time

Based in West Hollywood, California, OurTime has had over 2 million users to date. This makes Our Time the biggest online ‘over 50’ dating site. Owned by People Media, via the parent company of IAC (or Match Group), OurTime is in good form as IAC also owns Match, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and many more. In January 2017, IAC released survey results from its poll of age 50+ daters and the results were unexpected to some – finding that older daters were friskier than expected. The results showed that adults age 50+ have high interest in sex, some aren’t opposed to sexting, and that many (45%) were even open to ‘friends with benefits’ type situations.

40% are interested in getting married again, while 72% are interested in finding love. This means that dating on Our Time is not only for people looking to get married but also those interested in both casual and serious love affairs. You can read the full results here: http://iac.com/media-room/press-releases/ourtime-releases-dating-after-50-survey

Pros & Cons


  • OurTime’s app is easier to navigate than the Our Time website. App options are straight forward, though sites like eHarmony and Tinder are even easier to use. Most users on the app connect through their iPad, which can be better for over 50 eyes. The app even incorporates ‘swiping’, perhaps due to its Match Group (Tinder) ownership. For more on how the app and website work, view our “How It Works” section below.

  • According to Match Group, http://match.mediaroom.com/2013-05-29-OurTime-com-the-Nations-Largest-50-Dating-Site-Reveals-that-Dating-Never-Gets-Old nature and the outdoors are the #1 interest on the site, which means that active types will be in good company. Over a 90 day period, Our Time users log in an average of 44 times and view 81 profiles. Is connection available through 81 views? Sometimes.

  • If you want successful matches, be consistent with your use of the site or app, reply to messages, and make plans to (safely) meet. The most encouraging news for Our Time users is that membership is growing all the time, which increases local matches.

  • Another perk is that people using the site feel more confident being themselves since they don’t have to compete with younger (-50) users … within reason. However, although Our Time is 50+, people still lie about their age – for example, a man or woman of 72 saying they are 67 years of age, etc. Also, let’s say you’re 80 and looking for love, you might still feel that people in their 70’s are having better luck with matches!

  • Photographs are highly encouraged. The site lets members upload up to 30 photos, to increase the odds of success. Even when people are in midlife and beyond, they want photos that accurately portray the person. Don’t use a photo from age 45 if you’re 55.

  • The app is similar to Tinder swiping, as you will be shown photographs and can select whom you like and don’t like based on the first impression.

  • Some sites don’t allow you to view photographs until you pay for full membership. On Our Time you can view photographs and profiles, while you decide if you should pay to join.

  • It lets you know of the COVID-19 safety rules before meeting someone in person.


  • In terms of the OurTime website, the interface presents so many options at once, that you might not know where to look. While the main icons for Home, Inbox, Search, Matches, Tokens, Events, and Settings are self-explanatory through their name, selecting “Home” on the website leads you to a confusing page where everything is presented at once.

  • Not only will you see the main option tabs at the top of the screen, but you’ll also see 7 more selections to the left; and other options to view new members in your area, get alerts when someone special comes online, select who you like (through a side by side photo comparisons of 2 users, per selection), buy virtual gifts, see who is available to chat, edit your profile, or view advertising.

  • The theory is that this will make the site easier to navigate, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. Photographs of other users will be interspersed throughout several of these sections, to give you eye candy, in hopes that you will click on someone you like and want to be a paid member.

  • Tip: If you like simple straightforward dating, primarily use OurTime through the app.

  • You’ll need to pay for a membership to get very far on OurTime. You will see options to chat or ask other users questions, but should you take advantage of those categories, you will receive an alert that your message will be saved as a draft until you are an official paid member.

  • OurTime Scams: There are also scammers and catfish lurking the site that you need to be aware of! Before getting serious with anyone, verify it’s them by meeting them in person or video chatting.


*Special offers on the site expire within a few days of sign up, according to alerts given from Our Time.


6 Month Best Value Plan-  $119.76 (which equals $4.99 per week).


Standard 6 months- $95.76 (which equals $3.99 per week) (On the mobile app this option will list as $89.99)


3 Months (Option only available on the mobile app) – $69.99


Full Price 1 month – Billed in one payment of $34.96 (which equals $8.74 per week) (On the app this option will show as $29.99.).

The fine print for all 3 plans reads the following:

  • Your subscription will automatically renew for the same price and package length until you cancel via your Account Settings page. By subscribing, you authorize us to charge your card now and upon each renewal.
  • One time $3.99 processing fee added to all new upgrade order

The best option is to sign up for a month and if you like the site, consider longer membership options. If money is no object, the Best Value plan is only a little more than the other 6-month option and worth it).


  • 280 Tokens: $9.99
  • 110 Tokens: $5.99
  • 55 Tokens: $2.99

Though tokens seem an easy one-time alternative or addition to membership, it is important to note the fine print … just as with membership options, tokens have a renew policy, as follows:

If your token balance reaches 20 or below, your purchase will automatically renew for the same price ($9.99) and the same number until you cancel via your Token settings page. By purchasing, you authorize us to charge your card now and upon each renewal.


  • 1 Boost: $0.99 per boost (limited time)
  • 5 Boosts: $1.99 per boost
  • 10 Boosts: $1.49 per boost


While “Events” are optional, they do generally have a cost associated with them. On Our Time, events are online Webinars ranging from $5-$10+, with titles such as “Navigating – Sex and Dating for Women” and “Master the Basics of Online Dating”. If you’re new to dating again and want confidence or want a boost to your dating experience, this can be a positive time spent.

*The events section of this review has not been updated recently due to COVID-19, I could not find recent information for this. 

Ease of Use

As detailed in the ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ section, the app is easier to use than the website, but the website is adaptable once you get used to the options and sign up for membership (to prevent you being locked out from select features).


With phone support being on the way out for most trendy dating sites, its refreshing to see that Our Time takes a more traditional path and offers Customer Care via phone support. Users can call 1-866-727-8920, from 8 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, central time. Customer Support on Our Time recognizes that 50+ users want classic interactive support and not merely an impersonal email address to write to.

To find help on Our Time, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you find the fine print and select “Contact” or click this link, for Help: https://www.ourtime.com/v3/help

Not only will the Customer Service phone number be listed, you can also view information on how to change your user name, cancel auto renewal, block members, update billing, and more.

How does This Work?

Decide if you want to sign up on the website or app. Both will ask the same questions, overall, so choose the format that is best for you.


Go to www.ourtime.com or download the app from the app store. You will then enter your zip code and be asked if you are a man or woman and whether you’re looking for a man or woman. You’ll enter your email address and birthdate. You will fill an ‘about you’ section which will be added to your profile, then view membership options and upload a photo (if you don’t want to upload 30 – the max allowed – at least enter a main profile pic).


App sign up differs from the website, as you will select whether you want the app to send you notifications- including alerts, sounds, and icon badges (configured in your device’s ‘Settings’ section). Then, if you’re using the app, matches in your geographic search area will immediately appear and you’ll be able to swipe yay or nay.


Dating sites and apps are aware that users now want speedy signups.  Since sign up happens quickly, once you’re on the website, select the “Settings” icon from the upper left toolbar. After you’re taken to your profile page, you’ll be shown the percentage of your profile you have completed. Look for red alerts in sections you haven’t entered information.

People really do read profiles on Our Time and you will attract the people you want, the more specific you are. If you want to edit your profile in the app, select the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the app. You will then see these options: Home, Inbox, Search, I’m Interested, My Profile, Upload Photo, Connect, and Today’s Matches. Select “My Profile” and fill in both the ‘details’ and the ‘about’ sections.


If you don’t properly fill out your profile and criteria or add photos, each time you log back in, you will be presented with more information to complete. You can select ‘skip this step’ or reload www.ourtime.com into your browser, though filling out your profile and adding photos is high encouraged anyway.

STEP 5: The Our Time Lingo

Learning how to use each section can take time, here is our Quick Guide.

  • Who Do You Like: You’ll be shown two user photos at a time and select the one you like most.
  • New Members In Your Area: If you’re not having luck with your search settings, you can click on these user’s photos and view their profiles.
  • Connect Me: This let’s you Talk and Text but keep your number private!
  • Messages: To write and receive messages you’ll need to be a paid member.
  • Favorites: You can favorite users and as a paid member you will be able to see who favorited you.
  • Preferences: Block users, change online status, control who sees your profile!
  • Views: See which users viewed you and review those you have viewed- these lists will also show who is online now.
  • Flirts: Flirt is a smiley face icon you can click on to let another user know you’re interested. Free members can send flirts, but only paid members get to see who ‘flirted’ with them.
  • Photo Likes: Taken from the “Who Do You Like” section, you’ll get to see who liked your photo in the lineup.
  • Available To Chat: Formatted as Instant Messaging through Our Time.
  • Match Me: You will be placed in a user’s ‘daily matches’ section, so you can see if there is mutual interest before contacting them.
  • Notify Me: Free online stalking? Receive alerts when a user you’re interested in comes online.

Paid features

  • What is interesting about Our Time’s pricing options is that unlike most sites which explain the average monthly total of longer memberships, Our Time lets you know the weekly amount. Is this a tool to the psychology of people over 50 living life one day at a time or simply a way to make the plans seem more affordable?

  • *Special offers on the site expire within a few days of sign up, according to alerts given from Our Time.


  • 6 Month Best Value Plan- Full Mobile Access, Message Read Notification, Profile Highlight, Message Highlight (This option may not appear on the app), Read and Reply to Your Messages, Chat with Hundreds of Members Online.


  • Standard 6 months- Full Mobile Access, Read and Reply to Your Messages, Chat with Hundreds of Members Online


  • 3 Months (Only Available on Mobile App) – Full Mobile Access, Read and Reply to Your Messages, Chat with Hundreds of Members Online


  • Full Price 1 month– Full Mobile Access, Read and Reply to Your Messages, Chat with Hundreds of Members Online


  • Tokens give you perks on Our Time, including Promote Me (which puts your profile at top of search results to attract more attention), Virtual Gifts (which send digital gifts so another user feels special), Match Me (places your profile in someone’s daily matches to see if they like you back before messaging), and Notify Me (if a user logs into the website, you’ll be alerted per every 3 hours).


  • When you purchase a boost, you get an hour of your profile being in the spotlight. For each boost you purchase, you get an additional hour. For example, 10 boosts would equal 10 hours of your profile being promoted.


Online reviews vary, with most rating the site a meager 1-2 stars. Comparatively, more popular dating sites receive several more stars, leaving Our Time’s rating worse than similar sites or apps. Users complain that they don’t hear from the people they message on the site, which might mean that Our Time’s users are less active than under 50 apps.

Other users suggest that fake accounts make up a high percentage of users, perhaps indicating that catfish and scammers are looking for financially established older adults to trick and manipulate for gifts or cash. If you do use Our Time, be especially careful if anyone requests personal information. Another common complaint is about the recurring billing or not getting a refund upon cancel. The site receives compliments for its desktop interface and the ease of its app.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t enjoyed 18-and-up dating sites or found matches in your age range were limited or not whom you’d hoped to meet, try OurTime. Sure, you will have to invest in membership (try a month on the site if you’re unsure, though it is cheaper per week the longer you’re signed up), but you’ll meet matches your age. Be sure to use special caution to avoid Catfish or financial scams, as some scammers prey on older adults.

Also, don’t share too many personal details online. Even though people are 50+ don’t assume they are okay to meet privately or without practicing safe sex. Since you can view profiles and photos before signing up, you will have a chance to search and see if the site/ app has enough of a selection for your search area. Make sure to add as many details as you can to your profile, as this increases your likelihood of receiving messages and finding online love.

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