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Find Out if You’re Being Catfished

Since the hit movie and now show Catfish has aired, there have been a flock of people coming out that they’ve been Catfished. Although this isn’t a new phenomenon and Catfishing has been happening since the internet came to be; here are some ways for you to know if you’ve been catfished.


22 Ways to Know if You’re Being Catfished

  • They only have a few pictures on their profile and don’t look recent
  • They may have a lot of friends on Facebook but, their conversations are not of people who know each other well.

They don’t know what Skype is or can never download it or always seem to have an issue being able to talk in person (this isn’t always the case).

  • They text you all day and all night, but refuse to call you.
  • They don’t have any pictures with friends that are on their profile.
  • None of their pictures are candid.

They seem too good to be true.

  • They claim to have an awesome job that seems far-fetched or unattainable for their age.
  • They look as if they could be mildly famous.

They don’t send you any pictures directly to you that you haven’t seen before.

  • Their computer doesn’t have a webcam.
  • Their profile is not that old.
  • They always make an excuse to not meet up.
  • Their profile is so generic that it could be applied to anybody else. This includes any descriptions about themselves.
  • They say that they’re “new to online dating and just looking to meet people.”
  • They don’t have a cell phone or when you talk to them, they sound like a different ethnicity from their picture.
  • They ask you for money to get home, for bills, etc.
  • Their dating profile is littered with poor grammar.

They tell you that they love you or care about you after only talking for a short period of time.

  • They ask for money but, tell you that they can’t receive the money and ask you to send it to someone else.
  • They have a job that makes them travel overseas and they run into money problems.
  • They don’t have any social accounts or they always have stories and reasoning that is far fetched and not normal.

If you’re seeking help finding out if you’re being catfished or want to know if the person that you met online is legitimate click the link below. If you’ve already verified that you’ve been catfished, check out our guide here on how to handle it.