Elite Singles Review: The Essential Guide

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By Jenni Walker

Elite Singles presents itself as a good place to date. From their visually pleasing modern logo, to their stock photos of attractive models, the online dating site gives an impression of class and sophistication. The tag line for EliteSingles reads, “A cut above other dating sites”, which makes it clear that the dating site and app strive to clean up well and package EliteSingles as a fine-tuned way to online date.

The home screen showcases the sites supposed attributes, as everything from, “Profile Verified”, “Positive SSL Secured Website”, “+165,000 members per month”, and, saying that over 80% of members hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree, while 90% are age 30+ … and the majority are single professionals ages 30-55.

EliteSingles says its approach to dating is “intelligent” and, to make sure it goes smoothly, they claim they’ll suggest 3-7 “highly suitable” matches per day. These matches are largely based on the site’s algorithm based personality testing and whomever is in your area, which we will explore further in our pros and cons section.

If new users scroll down the main home page for more information on the site’s methods, they will be presented with links for other versions of EliteSingle’s site. These range from single parent dating (https://www.elitesingles.com/single-parent-dating), Christian dating (https://www.elitesingles.com/christian-dating), gay dating (https://www.elitesingles.com/gay-dating), to Asian dating (https://www.elitesingles.com/asian-dating).

History: EliteSingles

EliteSingles is owned by Spark Networks SE. The global dating site’s parent company formed in 2017 after EliteSingle’s Affinitas’ merged with Spark Networks. This parent company has a presence in 29 countries and ownership of EliteSingles, JDate, Christian Mingle, eDarling, JSwipe, and Attractive World. One of the original co-founders of EliteSingles was David Khalil. During his creation of EliteSingles, through Affinitias, the site was headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Along with Lukas Brosseder and others, the founder’s plan of the site was always about being successful. To quote Khalil, when speaking with Global Dating Insights, the market for dating sites caught their eye and, “We (then) looked through the sites that were successful on the German market and had a number of ideas how we could do things better.”

Did EliteSingles end up succeeding in their vision of doing things better? Let’s find out!

Pros & Cons


  • The site’s layout is simple and pleasing. If EliteSingles’ success was based on marketing concept alone, it would succeed. It is clear from the moment you begin using the site and reading its information that EliteSingles has been carefully branded and knows its target audience is adults over 30 who want real, high quality connections and to waste less time on dating site fails. The site knows that those targeted college educated users are game to pay for dating and, accordingly, the site is paid.

  • Sure, you can sign up and get a profile and (limited) personality test results, but to actually view photos of matches and get full access to your detailed personality results, you will need to sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. Although there will be users who sign up and never paid, there will also be paid users who want to connect with similarly educated, middle aged users. Finding your perfect match on EliteSingles may not be like finding a needle in a haystack … but it might be like finding a handful of needles in a haystack.

  • Although you cannot view user photos without a paid membership, the site shows you blurred out versions of the photos. This isn’t great, but it is something! It also make membership (as until you pay, profiles are shown as written profiles) more tempting to sign up for than if shown a grey box stating, “no photo”.


  • Limited matches – The match results you will search and receive are no where near as many as you’d receive through sites like Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, or OkCupid. Does this mean daters have better odds of actually securing a date? Maybe, but by selecting a range of 30 miles from me, an age span of 8 years, and height range of (for males) 5’6’ to 6’3, I received 7 results by day two. Increasing the distance range to 110 miles away (which is too far for a dinner and movie date), I had 30 matches. Not many for a relatively metropolitan area.

  • On EliteSingles, the personality test is mandatory. Not only is it mandatory, but long. The end results don’t seem as interesting as EHarmony’s or as cutting edge as OkCupid, but the graphics are easy to view and understand. When completing the personality test, you have the option to click from section to section until complete, or save results and come back later. It takes longer (give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to sign up and complete the test) depending on how much you will think about the more introspective questions.

  • EliteSingles claims that the American version of the site operates with “partners in over 25 countries worldwide and helps 2500 singles find love each month” through their online dating sites. World wide, 2500 singles ‘possibly finding love’, (without it being specified how the site knows this) is not the most impressive odds and could explain the lukewarm amount of matches per users’ local area.

  • Profile verification would appear to be a ‘pro’, but their actual verification system doesn’t include methods like video verification or linking to social media accounts. Rather, EliteSingles uses SSL Encryption (to prevent bots), Fraud Detection, and Manual Profile Verification only.

  • Ever since eHarmony’s algorithm based personality test results were found not “Scientifically Proven” (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/eharmony-dating-site-scientifically-proven-not-banned-advertising-matching-system-science-a8139201.html), it is a reminder than one should be weary of assuming a dating algorithms or personality test helps.

  • Finding love is not an exact science and as much as users want to feel assured that their dating investment will result in the perfect match, no personality test alone can do so. In person chemistry and physical attraction continue to key roles in matchmaking and tests cannot substitute for the magic of two people finding love. Moreover, while most sites describe their algorithm and personality testing in detail, EliteSingles gives less of this information around the site.


Premium Light: 3 months Premium Membership. $24.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $74.85.

Premium Classic: 6 months Premium Membership. $14.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $89.70.

Premium Comfort: 12 months Premium Membership $12.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $155.40.


Ease of Use

Once you sign up and pay for membership, the site is easy to use. The personality profile being mandatory will be a deterrent to those who are impatient to get to matches. The site being paid will be disappointing to those who like to browse photos before deciding to pay. However, the options are streamlined and easy to find. Matches will be limited and quality will have to be enjoyed over quantity.


“Customer Care” links are found in small writing at the bottom of each page or through this link: https://www.elitesingles.com/customer-care.

Although customer’s complain frequently about Elite Single’s cancellation process, they have an easy to navigate website and the customer service options aren’t hidden. One benefit is a blank text box that appears, where one can enter the keyword question for what you’re looking for: https://www.elitesingles.com/customer-care/contactform. Although there is no phone support, Elite Singles does have a fax number: +1 (646) 760-2453 and mailing address, though all customer service is handled directly through the website only.

How does This Work?


First, go to Elite Singles. As a new user, you register for free by entering in whether you are a man or woman looking for a man or women, followed by your email address and creation of a password. If you are a single parent or looking for a same sex match, etc. EliteSingles has specific sites listed above.


Next, you will confirm your gender, date of birth, marital status and importance of the age of your future partner.

STEP THREE: Personality

Curious who you are – easygoing, restrictive, or whether or not you’re an extrovert or introvert? EliteSingles places a lot of importance on its personality test. Be forewarned, the personality profile will take time and there is no easy way out. On some sites, you can click away to other sections and avoid the personality tests or making detailed profiles, but on EliteSingles the personality tests are mandatory.

They can take awhile and it helps to remember that every member is completing the same test, so answer as honestly as possible for best match results. Becoming a paid member will give more comprehensive results, but even remaining a free user will allow you to see graphs about how your personality compares to most and brief descriptions.


While your matches generate, in part, through the creation of your profile, personality test, and by uploading a photo and stating what you’re looking for after log in, be sure to select “Matches” at the top of the page. “Matches” are indicated by a “heart” symbol.

If you’re signed up as a paid member, once you select “Matches”, you will see user’s photos, names, ages, locations, % of match to what you’re looking for & your personality, their ‘Questions and Answers’ (viewable if you opt to further view their profile), and basic personality test results. If you are an unpaid member, you will still see all of the above but photographs will show blurred. You will be able to make see an outline of shape of face or clothing coloring in the photo, but little else.


The tool bar to adjust your search will be to the left side of the page once you select “Matches”.

You will be able to select if you want to display only new users, those who have a photo, those you’ve been in contact with, those with similarities (based on percentage match), and the users you’ve flagged as favorites. You can also select age, height, and distance (in miles) from you.

Since the minimum search distance you can adjust to is ‘under 30’ miles and the maximum is over 300 miles, be sure to use this option (under 30 miles), if you’d prefer to search for someone local.


Browsing (blurred photo) matches, sending a ‘smile’, and adding users to your ‘favorites’ are amongst the features you have available as an unpaid member. The hope is that the match will ‘smile’ back or message, and you’ll be inclined to join. You will be able to go to your “Messages” page, and see who wrote you, but photo and the message’s content will still be blurred until your paid membership complete.

As the only real way to connect and message on Elite Singles is with a paid membership, you should decide quickly. Sure, you by merely creating an account you can take the personality test and view its limited results, but if personality tests alone are what you’re after, it’s best to do a free search through Google for one, or even try OkCupid’s free personality testing.

Paid features

  • Premium Light: 3 months Premium Membership. Unlimited communication. Intelligent matchmaking.

  • Premium Classic: 6 months Premium Membership. Unlimited communication. Intelligent matchmaking. View all member photos. See all profile visitors. Read receipts for all messages.

  • Premium Comfort: 12 months Premium Membership. Unlimited communication. Intelligent matchmaking. View all member photos. See all profile visitors. Read receipts for messages.

  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Despite EliteSingle’s descriptions above, ALL memberships give you the same access. Since the 3 month “Premium Light” option is the cheapest (least to pay at once), EliteSingles attempts to deter you from choosing it, and doesn’t specify if you will be able to view member photos, but you will. You’ll also be able to see profile visitors, use the app, see read receipts, and have 20 extra Wildcard Matches per Day, etc.


Customer reviews for EliteSingles aren’t great. Aware of this, the site has an informational page about its reputation and reliability, HERE: https://www.elitesingles.com/discover-elitesingles/scams

There will always be complaints about dating sites, as love is tricky to find, but the reviews for Elite Singles are not the best in the business. In fact, they may be some of the worst.

User after user mentions their bad experience. First, one unverified complaint is by a woman who claims she was assaulted by a match and urges caution to others. She does acknowledge that Elite Singles helped remove her dangerous match from their site.

While no dating site is responsible for the bad behavior of daters in person, the serious claim is a reminder that even “elite” strangers are still strangers.

Next, many people complain about the automatic renewal of their subscription memberships and the lack of customer service to cancel. As one review claimed, the pages detailing how to unsubscribe don’t actually result in the billing ending for many.

Finally, are the matches the high quality you’re led to expect by the Elite Singles homepage and their advertising? Most claim ‘no’ and that they expected far superior matches when they signed up.

In synopsis, as Mel says, “Please, if you are considering dating sites, DO NOT USE THIS ELITE SINGLES. Dating is hard. This site makes it worse by taking all of your money and promising results it will not deliver on.”

Final Thoughts

While I wouldn’t agree completely with Mel’s warning above, use EliteSingles if your education is important to you and you want to find a 30 plus date who doesn’t mind paying for dating services. EliteSingles boasts their users are more affluent, which might be a draw, for some.

If you feel inundated with too many matches on free or more popular sites and apps, the slower more methodical pace on EliteSingles might benefit you. If you pick most of your dates based on physical appearance, choose a swiping site like Tinder or Bumble. If you care more about personality and profile reads, try EliteSingles.

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