catfish on campus - nev

Catfish on Campus is a campus based presentation that Nev Shulman puts on at various schools around the country. Since the popularity of the movie Catfish and now the TV show on MTV, Nev has gained a lot of expeThe rience and insight about emerging technologies and how people are using them around the country to meet each other online.

What is the Catfish On Campus Presentation About?

During Nev’s Catfish on Campus presentations, he typically talks about evolving social media, his experience with the movie, the show and gives dating advice to college students. Nev talks about the Catfish scam and why the people do it.

Length, Time and Cost

The presentation is typically a couple of hours and usually is at night and starts around 7PM. These are usually free or a minimal $5 charge.

Where Can You Sign Up?

Normally, most schools announce the event but, there is currently no calendar. You can ask your school or do a Google search. In the past the event has been held at schools like like the University of Texas, UC Riverside and University of Missouri to name a few.