April 20, 2021

Best Tax Attorneys in Los Angeles

Tax attorneys are hired to help advise individuals, businesses, and government agencies with tax-related concerns such as tax disputes, tax laws, and accounting issues. Lawyers who specialize in tax matters are extremely knowledgeable of tax laws. 

How Big Is It? 

At the moment, there are no specific data on the number of lawyers practicing Tax Law in Los Angeles, California. However, the Los Angeles Bar Association records a total of 25,000 lawyers in LA.

Different Types Within The Industry 

There are three classifications or areas of specialty that fall under the Tax Law practice. They are as follows:

General Tax Attorney: Also known as “business attorneys” since they typically handle partnership, corporate, and income tax issues in the business industry.  

Estate Planning Attorney: The job of the estate planner generally revolves around estate tax and the gift tax portion of the IRS Code. These types of lawyers often work with families and handle probate and trust administration. 

ERISA Attorney: Often seen handling pensions and work benefits, along with any issues between tax law and employment law.

Interesting Statistics 

According to the IRS, the average income tax refund as of February 21, 2020, was $3,125. The IRS paid out more than 37.5 million in refunds with the 48 million individual returns that were processed.

Fun Facts 

Did you know that the taxes that the government imposes date all the way back some thousands of years? Also, it was said that one of the greatest minds, Albert Einstein, found taxes more difficult to interpret than theoretical physics.

History of Tax Attorneys  

It was around 3000 B.C. when the first record of organized taxation was practiced in Egypt. Even the Bible mentions tax collection practices. In the centuries leading up to the Common Era, tax practices continued to develop. In fact, the clay tablet is known as the Rosetta Stone that was discovered in 1799 documented new tax laws that were decreed by the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

New taxes on property, inheritance and consumer goods were then imposed and usually played a role in wars (either by provoking them or funding them). Though there’s no mention in historical data about tax attorneys, it can be safe to say that with the presence of tax laws, tax lawyers wouldn’t be far behind.

How Did We Choose the Best Tax Attorneys in Los Angeles?

We went through tax law firm business websites, social media accounts, Google search results, customer recommendations, and customer reviews to find the Best Tax Attorneys in Los Angeles. 

How to Get Into The Industry 

There isn’t much difference between tax law and family law, but the presence of numbers does help if an individual looking to become a tax attorney has some mathematical skills. In order to enter the field of tax laws, a person must have a bachelor's degree (preferably majoring in Business or Accounting). He or she is expected to take and pass the LSAT. Then, he or she must take an admissions exam in order to enroll and earn a Juris Doctor of Law degree at a Law School. This is followed by a bar exam, where all those who pass are granted licensure. 

Best Tax Attorneys in Los Angeles

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