August 04, 2021

Best Real Estate Agents of the World

How Big is the Real Estate Industry?

Real estate is a huge industry with over 200,000 residential brokerage firms and 35,000 that are operating commercially. This industry makes over $235 billion per year in revenue.  

How Many Professionals Are in the Real Estate Industry?

There are about 4-6 million real estate agents worldwide. 

Different Types Within the Real Estate Industry

Residential: Realtors sell new homes out of construction or homes up for resell by owners.

Commercial: Realtors sell shopping centers and strip malls that are up for sale by their owners. Apartment buildings are also considered commercial even though people live in them since landlords own them to produce income.

Industrial: Realtors sell buildings that are used for manufacturing, as well as warehouses.

Land: Realtors sell vacant land, working farms, and ranches.

Interesting Statistics About the Real Estate Industry

In the United States, we have over 2 million real estate agents. If you were looking to buy a home today in the United States, the median down payments that people put down is $59,880.

Fun Facts About the Real Estate Industry

There is a house that is owned by five different countries. It was originally bought by the Republic of Yugoslavia as a New York Embassy, but once the republic dissolved into five different countries, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia became the new owners of the property.

The History of Real Estate

While historians have confirmed that there was a currency exchange for shelter by examining ancient cave drawings, real estate became an official career path back in the Middle Ages. It became a popular way to gain income since property ownership was a symbol of wealth back in these days. When the Europeans came to the United States for the first time, they brought the growing popularity of real estate with them and it’s been around ever since.  

How We Chose These Real Estate Agents

We chose them based on the reputation they have with customers, their total sales in property, their social media accounts, and how people have reviewed them on various review sites. 

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

You need to obtain your real estate license, and requirements vary based on where you live. Once you obtain your license, you can either choose to work for a well-known firm or start up your own firm. Regardless of what you choose to do, many of these real estate agents are living their dreams doing what they love. 

Best Real Estate Agents of the World
1. Mauricio Umansky
Name Search / Names starting with M / Mauricio U...
Location Listed: He is the CEO of The Agency, which has locations worldwide.
Profession/category Listed: He is a residential real estate agent specializing in unique lavish homes. Experience Listed: He founded the company back in 2011. Interesting stats/Accomplishments: He wanted to create a brokerage that would change the face of the real estate industry, so he founded The Agency in 2011. Since he has founded the company, it made the Inc. 5000 list and has 650 employees in 34 offices worldwide. He was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Awards and has ranked one of the top ten agents of the country for more than seven years according to The Wall Street Journal REAL Trends annual list. He has been a real estate agent for the Playboy Mansion, Walt Disney Estate, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Prince.
2. The Altman Brothers
Name Search / Names starting with J / Josh Altman
Location Listed: They are real estate agents in Los Angeles, CA for real estate company Douglas Elliman, and also own their own company called The Altman Brothers.
Profession/Category Listed: They are residential real estate agents specializing in unique lavish homes in Beverly Hills, CA. Interesting stats/Accomplishments: They have sold 3 billion dollars worth of real estate so far. They have earned Wall Street Journal’s acknowledgement for one of the world’s top real estate teams of the year. They have access to over a billion dollars worth of listing in Los Angeles, CA. They currently star on Bravo’s hit show Million Dollar Listing LA, which is currently on its 11th season.
3. Jade Mills
Name Search / Names starting with J / Jade Mills
Location Listed: She is a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, CA
Profession/Category Listed: She is a residential real estate agent, and mostly sells lavish homes. Experience Listed: Over 30 years Interesting stats/ accomplishments: She is ranked as the number one agent worldwide for Coldwell Banker and number five agent worldwide for all brokerages. She has represented 26% of all homes sold in the westside of Los Angeles. She was named the International Ambassador for Coldwell Banker and also holds the title of Co-Chairman of the International Luxury Alliance.
4. Ryan Serhant
Name Search / Names starting with R / Ryan Serhant
Location Listed: He owns a company called SERHANT and is a Real Estate agent in New York
Profession/Category Listed: Residential Real Estate Agent that mostly focuses on modern condos in New York. Experience Listed: 12 years Interesting stats/Accomplishments: After struggling as a hand model and actor, he got into the real estate industry in order to pay his rent. 12 years later, it has become a career he is passionate about, and has created his own company called The Serhant Team, which later changed its name to SERHANT. This company is known for its innovative real estate media studios for Serhant’s new content and new ways to show houses to its customers. He has employed 60 experienced real estate agents and marketing support staff. SERHANT has managed to become the number one sales team in New York according to the Wall Street Journal for three consecutive years and is among the top teams of the nation. They have done over $4 billion in sales and have sold over 80 new development projects across New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. He is currently a star on Bravo’s emmy-nominated show Million Dollar Listing New York.
5. John Highman
Name Search / Names starting with J / John Highman
Location Listed: He is the CEO of Commercial Real Estate Online and is located in the Great Brisbane Area.
Profession/Category Listed: Commercial Property Agent Experience Listed: Over 35 years Interesting Stats/Accomplishments: John Highman is an experienced commercial property agent who now coaches others as a Commercial Real Estate Coach, International Conference Speaker, and author. He has helped thousands of commercial property agents get to where they are today with articles, practical tips, and ideas. He has published 15,000 articles and has over 5 books to help those who need it.
6. Michael Caprile
Name Search / Names starting with M / Michael Ca...
Location Listed: He is a real estate agent for CBRE in Chicago, IL.
Profession/Category Listed: Commercial Real Estate Agent Experience Listed: Over 42 Years Interesting stats/ accomplishments: He has performed many transactions nationwide that have equated to be more than $100 billion. He has performed major investment transactions for high profile institutional owners on both a regional and national level. He is a founding member of CBRE National Partners which has a team of 50 investment sales and support professionals in 5 logistic hubs across the United States. He was named the number one investment broker in Chicago from 2005 – 2007, 2011, 2013 – 2019.
Links: Website LinkedIn
7. David Murphy
Name Search / Names starting with D / David Murphy
Location Listed: He is an Executive Vice President at CBRE in Orlando, FL
Profession/Category Listed: Industrial Real Estate Experience Listed: 22 years Interesting stats/Accomplishments: He is an executive vice president at CBRE and is their top producing industrial real estate agent in the Northern half of Florida. He is also known as one of the leading industrial brokers in the Southeastern United States. His team and he has completed $2 billion in industrial sales and lease transactions over the past 22 years. He has won the award for Industrial Broker of the Year by the Central Florida Chapter of NAIOP. He has attended the CBRE’s National Recognition Conference for multiple years as one of the firm’s top agents in America and has also won CBRE’s Florida Award of Excellence. American City Business Journals named him one of the Top 100 Commercial Real Estate Professionals in the United States.
8. Karl Hansen
Name Search / Names starting with K / Karl Hansen
Location Listed: He is a real estate agent for CBRE in San Mateo County, but focuses on San Francisco, CA.
Profession/Category Listed: Industrial Real Estate Agent Experience Listed: 20 years Interesting stats/Accomplishments: He is one of the top 20 industrial real estate agents in San Mateo and San Francisco counties, and has been named a “Power Broker” by Costar Group since 2006. Costar Group is an independent commercial real estate research firm. Within three out of his first four years at CBRE, he was a top 5 producer in the San Francisco Peninsula Office. He has earned the Senior Vice President title in 2016. He was honored with the CBRE Gold Circle as a Top Producer in the San Francisco Bay Area market and Top 10 Producer in the Peninsula/Palo Alto combined office from 2016-2018.
Links: Website
Name Search / Names starting with J / James King
Location Listed: They own real estate firm King Land & Water in Texas.
Profession/Category Listed: Land Real Estate, specializing in ranches. Experience Listed: 35 years Interesting Stats/Accomplishments: James and Tammy King are a married couple that own the company King Land & Water. Because of them, this company has helped more people design and negotiate terms of Conservation Easements for landowners and because of this, has sold more ranches in Texas that are subject to these changed Easements than any other firm. A conservation easement is an optional legal agreement that permanently limits what you use the land for in order to preserve it. With the Kings’ help, this company has closed more than 170 transactions that involve more than 520,000 acres. The couple was featured in Lands of Texas magazine’s broker spotlight for their successes as ranch real estate agents. Their company has received numerous awards and has been honored by The Land Report for two 2014 national deals of the year.
10. Kelly Hurt
Name Search / Names starting with K / Kelly Hurt
Location Listed: He is the founder of The Land Doctors in Oklahoma.
Profession/Category Listed: Land Real Estate Agent Experience Listed: 5 years Interesting Stats/Accomplishments: Kelly Hurt has always been passionate about the environment. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Geology from Mississippi State University. He then went on to obtain his Doctorate in Environmental Science/Forestry at the Mississippi State University. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Academy of Science. Because of these accomplishments, it led him to a career of becoming a land real estate agent, obtaining his real estate licence in 2015. He then founded a land real estate firm called The Land Doctors, which focus on selling land to their clients.

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