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Recently Unidentified numbers

wa area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

425-570-7556Unknown Network
253-525-1692Unknown Network
425-296-7630Level 3 Communications
509-426-3279Teleport Communications America
509-387-9710Sprint Spectrum L.p.
206-113-5838Unknown Network
206-970-4919Unknown Network
253-661-8733Qwest Corporation
509-987-9512United States Cellular Corp. - Washington
206-651-9728AT&T; Local
253-628-2435Unknown Network
206-193-4814Unknown Network
509-484-2653Qwest Corporation
509-187-2219Unknown Network
360-662-6677Qwest Corporation
206-339-8402International Telcom, Ltd.
253-669-9530360networks (usa) Inc.
509-711-3414Unknown Network
253-668-5694Unknown Network
360-784-4095Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(323) 642-3704Dangerous

UCLA Health Survey

(231) 735-4981Harassing

Left voicemail about closing out file, called it back and a lady answered and said she didn’t call me ??? Somehow these people r using real people cell !

(636) 242-1935Unknown

Just asked is this "My Name", I said yes, and I'm driving. They hung up.

(704) 486-2951Unknown

answered the phone the 3rd time they called within the same week, said it was a survey company i forgot the name

(800) 945-2000Dangerous

They will block computer & customers lose all files /data.

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509-426-1993 First seen 2017-12-25 253-525-1632 First seen 2014-07-22
206-651-9668 First seen 2012-10-04 253-669-7894 First seen 2014-08-18
509-987-5116 First seen 2010-09-06 206-113-4665 First seen 2018-05-04
509-187-6561 First seen 2015-05-21 425-570-9700 First seen 2013-04-01
206-113-4665 First seen 2012-02-20 206-970-2581 First seen 2018-03-21
All Time This Month
206-339-4126 First seen 2017-05-05 206-970-6778 First seen 2011-10-01
206-651-1111 First seen 2012-06-29 509-426-2157 First seen 2019-03-07
509-484-3229 First seen 2017-04-24 509-426-2157 First seen 2013-10-10
206-113-2809 First seen 2013-02-13 206-970-6778 First seen 2017-12-08
253-668-6431 First seen 2012-04-18 360-784-4110 First seen 2013-01-21