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Recently Unidentified numbers

wa area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

253-494-9717Unknown Network
425-121-2471Unknown Network
509-179-3641Unknown Network
360-540-1633T-mobile Usa
253-570-7707Unknown Network
425-106-4528Unknown Network
360-435-7400Frontier Communications Northwest Inc.
425-104-1810Unknown Network
509-574-3222Qwest Corporation
253-203-5975Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services- Wa
360-172-8698Unknown Network
253-562-3458Unknown Network
509-426-3641Teleport Communications America
206-586-7844Unknown Network
360-103-3598Unknown Network
206-379-6532Unknown Network
206-333-9206International Telcom, Ltd.
253-347-2491New Cingular Wireless PCS
509-513-6893Unknown Network
360-876-7163Qwest Corporation

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(201) 200-0000Safe

This is a test report

(844) 422-8347Safe

This is a test report

1 (210) 381-2959Harassing

Caller claims to be with the social security office. Told me I owe the federal government $100, and when asked what for, said "taxes". The IRS will not call, but sends written notice.

(661) 341-0194Harassing

Caller would not tell me who he was and was demanding to connect me with an employee - He claimed that he worked for Servel and was not very professional asking for the employee

(201) 200-0000Safe

This is a test report

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253-203-4288 First seen 2012-07-30 425-104-7596 First seen 2014-10-10
253-562-2248 First seen 2012-05-03 509-426-6119 First seen 2018-11-19
360-172-6761 First seen 2011-12-23 253-570-8596 First seen 2015-09-17
253-347-9634 First seen 2011-07-13 253-570-8596 First seen 2016-04-16
253-494-7142 First seen 2017-01-06 509-179-6540 First seen 2014-03-15
All Time This Month
509-513-7349 First seen 2019-06-02 425-121-9826 First seen 2015-10-20
206-379-6747 First seen 2011-06-15 360-103-9770 First seen 2018-06-20
206-379-6747 First seen 2016-03-20 253-570-7694 First seen 2013-07-05
253-494-3361 First seen 2011-06-08 509-179-1897 First seen 2018-07-02
425-121-9826 First seen 2013-11-23 425-121-9826 First seen 2019-03-09