Vermont area code map

Recently Unidentified numbers

vt area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

802-651-2362Telephone Op Co Of Vermont DBA Fairpoint Comm-vt
802-157-4675Unknown Network
802-260-2944Unknown Network
802-996-9822Unknown Network
802-241-4969Telephone Op Co Of Vermont DBA Fairpoint Comm-vt
802-844-9642Unknown Network
802-957-8566Unknown Network
802-154-7657Unknown Network
802-231-7997United States Cellular Corp. - Vermont
802-585-2447Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
802-843-8631Vermont Telephone Co.
802-300-1354Unknown Network
802-707-6405Unknown Network
802-198-8945Unknown Network
802-384-4882United States Cellular Corp. - Vermont
802-377-7886Sprint Spectrum L.p.
802-638-4565Teleport Communications America
802-522-1097Telcove Of Vermont
802-938-9796Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(973) 288-7274Dangerous


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802-740-8606First seen 2011-02-03802-835-6487First seen 2018-07-15
802-242-2492First seen 2019-01-09802-777-5893First seen 2016-07-07
802-236-1583First seen 2019-07-31802-382-7328First seen 2012-11-30
802-229-1413First seen 2015-03-17802-984-1659First seen 2015-01-28
802-198-8981First seen 2015-01-09802-237-9204First seen 2011-09-21
All TimeThis Month
802-997-8205First seen 2020-03-10802-842-1981First seen 2011-04-03
802-876-9728First seen 2018-09-07802-231-4541First seen 2016-08-31
802-705-1210First seen 2014-02-18802-197-3032First seen 2010-01-09
802-263-6567First seen 2013-03-01802-154-9338First seen 2019-02-15
802-518-5342First seen 2014-10-27802-111-5062First seen 2016-07-05