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Virgin Islands area code map

Recently Unidentified numbers

vi area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

340-262-3972Unknown Network
340-165-2649Unknown Network
340-674-7260Unknown Network
340-220-1688Commnet Wireless
340-739-5519Unknown Network
340-361-3043Unknown Network
340-765-5717Unknown Network
340-849-4402Unknown Network
340-738-4477Unknown Network
340-699-6330Unknown Network
340-296-9556Unknown Network
340-930-8198Unknown Network
340-238-8857Unknown Network
340-944-1922Unknown Network
340-644-2627Unknown Network
340-433-9717Unknown Network
340-990-8685Unknown Network
340-901-9201Unknown Network
340-336-9130Unknown Network
340-876-1287Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(201) 200-0000Safe

This is a test report

(844) 422-8347Safe

This is a test report

(817) 402-1659Dangerous

Another social security fraud call. Says if I don’t call them back they will arrest me

(972) 694-8257Harassing

Sending mass texts soliciting for loans to cell numbers.

(201) 200-0000Safe

This is a test report

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Number of area codes
in Virgin Islands

54 +

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Virgin Islands

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Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
340-165-4240 First seen 2014-06-04 340-699-7683 First seen 2014-06-20
340-901-7213 First seen 2017-07-11 340-220-5338 First seen 2018-06-02
340-262-5887 First seen 2017-02-04 340-296-7482 First seen 2014-08-21
340-876-9690 First seen 2015-08-14 340-336-2221 First seen 2011-03-22
340-876-9690 First seen 2015-04-18 340-849-1145 First seen 2011-12-26
All Time This Month
340-220-6632 First seen 2011-06-28 340-901-1122 First seen 2010-09-06
340-990-9107 First seen 2015-01-10 340-990-9107 First seen 2010-11-22
340-699-1188 First seen 2014-01-05 340-739-9751 First seen 2011-11-06
340-296-1329 First seen 2014-06-28 340-262-3778 First seen 2011-01-30
340-238-9636 First seen 2012-01-03 340-262-3778 First seen 2015-02-12