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Virgin Islands area code map

Recently Unidentified numbers

vi area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

340-198-9393Unknown Network
340-570-1035Unknown Network
340-654-7272Unknown Network
340-815-4215Unknown Network
340-161-2004Unknown Network
340-410-6653Unknown Network
340-155-5159Unknown Network
340-694-2839Unknown Network
340-542-7365Unknown Network
340-656-7498Unknown Network
340-539-1748Unknown Network
340-253-2236Unknown Network
340-802-2025Unknown Network
340-308-9756Unknown Network
340-697-8299Unknown Network
340-926-7491Unknown Network
340-611-6068Unknown Network
340-836-3637Unknown Network
340-119-3220Unknown Network
340-451-3118Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(551) 273-2187Unknown

Scam and spam. Don’t bother picking up. Blocked and reported.

(844) 970-0745Unknown

I don't know who this is!! Got 5-6 calls back to back from this number!!

(856) 299-7200Dangerous

I get tencalls a day saying a warrant is out for my arrest because of illegal activity in a different state, using my social security card!

(512) 263-8965Unknown

Chinese voicemail with a local number. No idea what was said.

(512) 399-8397Dangerous


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All Time This Month
340-697-4981 First seen 2019-06-21 340-836-2237 First seen 2018-04-18
340-253-9008 First seen 2010-02-05 340-119-5556 First seen 2015-12-05
340-815-4754 First seen 2017-06-17 340-155-2200 First seen 2011-12-11
340-802-9582 First seen 2019-07-20 340-836-2237 First seen 2015-03-29
340-253-9008 First seen 2010-06-21 340-654-6812 First seen 2013-10-19
All Time This Month
340-815-6200 First seen 2010-08-02 340-308-2488 First seen 2015-05-02
340-570-5392 First seen 2012-02-28 340-926-9094 First seen 2018-03-08
340-815-6200 First seen 2015-02-15 340-611-6425 First seen 2014-02-19
340-155-7254 First seen 2013-05-29 340-539-4791 First seen 2019-01-29
340-611-6425 First seen 2019-09-28 340-542-9292 First seen 2018-08-29