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Recently Unidentified numbers

ut area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

385-835-1487Unknown Network
801-373-9154Qwest Corporation
435-843-1297Qwest Corporation
435-856-6104Level 3 Communications
385-580-4291Unknown Network
435-428-8865Unknown Network
801-376-8196New Cingular Wireless PCS
385-222-8893360networks (usa) Inc.
435-890-8670AT&T; Local
385-243-3391Unknown Network
385-877-4800Unknown Network
385-498-2830Unknown Network
385-765-7557Unknown Network
385-722-2161Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC
801-368-8979New Cingular Wireless PCS
801-370-7339Qwest Corporation
385-743-4524Qwest Corporation
385-189-5649Unknown Network
435-115-5630Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(717) 812-5000Safe

WellSpan Health - Everbridge Staff Alert

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All TimeThis Month
801-376-5856First seen 2010-09-15801-982-2066First seen 2011-12-08
435-773-4700First seen 2016-03-29385-783-2280First seen 2018-08-20
435-844-3533First seen 2016-03-26435-186-7459First seen 2012-01-28
385-719-3899First seen 2016-04-06385-529-5779First seen 2016-05-19
435-770-2062First seen 2012-05-15385-383-1595First seen 2012-02-18
All TimeThis Month
801-860-1194First seen 2016-06-04801-917-6502First seen 2014-10-18
435-136-1669First seen 2012-06-04385-181-1441First seen 2014-09-24
435-814-3217First seen 2013-04-29435-254-6926First seen 2019-05-01
385-940-9303First seen 2020-02-23385-473-3861First seen 2016-11-05
435-775-2551First seen 2018-04-17385-814-8200First seen 2016-10-19