New York area code map

Recently Unidentified numbers

ny area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

716-458-5482Unknown Network
212-523-3437Verizon New York
315-114-4682Unknown Network
315-866-1153Verizon New York
607-883-8637Unknown Network
646-459-2835Paetec Communications
607-389-9579Unknown Network
718-108-8461Unknown Network
914-105-1897Unknown Network
212-984-4378Verizon New York
607-245-5837Choice One Communications
585-815-1587Paetec Communications
347-686-5138Broadwing Communications
631-634-2028Unknown Network
585-779-5239Unknown Network
917-918-4877Usa Mobility Wireless
718-190-6271Unknown Network
716-901-6649Sprint Spectrum L.p.
347-982-9243Omnipoint Communications

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(833) 719-0603Dangerous

Caller claimed to be from Amazon and left a message saying that a large amount has to be paid before a delivery can be made. We have no Amazon orders. Scam caller - BEWARE

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in New York

54 +

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New York

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212-590-7582First seen 2014-12-07607-848-2531First seen 2016-03-31
315-111-5300First seen 2012-10-23718-635-6938First seen 2015-10-28
315-753-2289First seen 2019-10-15914-724-6075First seen 2016-12-12
607-768-9636First seen 2012-02-12212-868-1768First seen 2019-02-27
646-602-3756First seen 2010-09-02607-787-5915First seen 2012-11-18
All TimeThis Month
212-826-6918First seen 2019-07-13607-654-6146First seen 2011-10-24
315-351-2986First seen 2015-10-02718-596-4376First seen 2019-06-15
315-190-7884First seen 2011-05-14914-124-3161First seen 2015-08-31
607-356-3890First seen 2017-11-17212-365-5938First seen 2010-08-16
646-464-3357First seen 2017-01-29607-398-9315First seen 2013-02-02