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Recently Unidentified numbers

md area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

443-805-2433Omnipoint Communications Cap Operations
443-997-5212Verizon Maryland
240-717-1939Unknown Network
240-175-6786Unknown Network
410-835-5936Verizon Maryland
667-672-3917Unknown Network
301-521-4825Verizon Maryland
301-450-2570Unknown Network
667-249-4015Unknown Network
410-584-8399Verizon Maryland
410-152-8693Unknown Network
443-314-4940Sprint Spectrum L.p.
410-747-4190Verizon Maryland
667-771-3433Unknown Network
410-885-3322Verizon Maryland
301-788-3212Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
410-748-3614Usa Mobility Wireless
667-286-9850Unknown Network
301-723-7567Verizon Maryland

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(619) 323-5127Unknown

Was a recorded call saying that there was an important message for me. Had my name and said to press 5 if I were still at this number. They are up to no good. Don't press anything. Just hang up. The law may never catch up with them but there is a very special place in HELL for these people.

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443-853-4417First seen 2017-11-29301-870-5534First seen 2012-05-16
240-345-3449First seen 2016-11-26301-208-2807First seen 2013-06-22
240-390-4255First seen 2014-01-11667-457-1007First seen 2017-12-28
410-443-3271First seen 2012-02-27410-413-6624First seen 2015-02-10
667-696-3149First seen 2018-10-21410-304-8101First seen 2018-03-19
All TimeThis Month
443-365-2197First seen 2015-02-24301-547-3631First seen 2013-12-27
240-666-8723First seen 2017-12-27301-887-8669First seen 2018-02-23
240-101-5025First seen 2013-02-18667-867-9467First seen 2017-03-10
410-895-5359First seen 2019-07-09410-136-9475First seen 2013-07-05
667-195-2089First seen 2018-11-07410-453-6641First seen 2013-10-18