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Recently Unidentified numbers

in area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

317-828-1532Omnipoint Communications Midwest Operations LLC
260-932-5343Unknown Network
574-768-1548Unknown Network
765-340-3035Unknown Network
812-693-6356Unknown Network
765-583-7064Ameritech Indiana
574-254-2739Ameritech Indiana
574-218-7698Omnipoint Communications Midwest Operations LLC
317-766-4731Unknown Network
219-291-3257Unknown Network
317-651-4774Ameritech Indiana
260-469-4068Communications Venture Corp DBA Indigital Telecom
574-273-8292Ameritech Indiana
317-892-1138Home Telephone Co. Of Pittsboro
317-567-5042Mci Worldcom Communications
574-325-9312Level 3 Communications
765-272-9474Usa Mobility Wireless
574-897-6452Unknown Network
765-821-3321New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(833) 719-0603Dangerous

Caller claimed to be from Amazon and left a message saying that a large amount has to be paid before a delivery can be made. We have no Amazon orders. Scam caller - BEWARE

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260-258-9779First seen 2015-08-24574-525-2711First seen 2019-10-20
574-796-3926First seen 2018-06-18574-862-7791First seen 2017-07-25
765-106-6098First seen 2014-02-25317-778-5168First seen 2012-06-15
812-743-1786First seen 2017-04-30219-930-8693First seen 2011-01-10
765-482-1294First seen 2011-05-03317-607-8522First seen 2018-12-18
All TimeThis Month
260-953-8296First seen 2015-10-14574-313-4285First seen 2010-11-29
574-146-1633First seen 2015-05-27574-425-2023First seen 2010-09-06
765-867-9306First seen 2012-04-30317-359-2225First seen 2012-12-17
812-392-8585First seen 2017-11-23219-319-5665First seen 2010-06-02
765-658-2689First seen 2012-04-07317-204-5863First seen 2011-01-07