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Recently Unidentified numbers

ia area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

641-843-3220Qwest Corporation
641-769-2380Unknown Network
712-422-3296Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
319-951-5103Unknown Network
712-458-3150Qwest Corporation
515-275-1316Ogden Telephone Co.
641-981-4907Unknown Network
641-720-3221Unknown Network
641-407-1603Unknown Network
641-592-9135Winnebago Coop. Telephone Assn. - Iowa
712-228-7351Northwest Iowa Telephone
712-847-1487Cox Iowa Telcom. LLC
515-370-5980United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
641-190-7250Unknown Network
319-853-2576Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
712-892-6957Unknown Network
641-744-1291Windstream Iowa Communications - North
563-566-7003Windstream Iowa Communications
641-797-5528Winnebago Coop. Telephone Assn. - Iowa
319-846-1714South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co.

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(505) 412-4165Dangerous

Social security fraudulent call

(505) 412-4165Dangerous

Social security scam.

(323) 870-4775Harassing

Calls multiple times threatening to have me served with papers if I don't call a phone number to a company I've never heard of.

1 (772) 370-6392Harassing

This is Loan Depot. They are rude and relentless.

(613) 519-1624Harassing

Scammers claiming I have suspicious SIN number activity.

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641-407-4272 First seen 2010-04-01 641-720-6723 First seen 2019-07-11
515-370-1060 First seen 2013-10-26 641-592-3071 First seen 2017-06-26
641-769-5859 First seen 2011-10-17 319-846-5328 First seen 2011-05-16
641-797-5391 First seen 2010-02-17 641-769-5859 First seen 2019-05-30
319-951-4040 First seen 2010-06-06 641-720-6723 First seen 2013-01-16
All Time This Month
319-951-1194 First seen 2013-03-25 563-566-2552 First seen 2011-05-29
319-853-9304 First seen 2015-10-15 641-981-1937 First seen 2011-07-08
319-853-9304 First seen 2018-11-07 319-853-9304 First seen 2017-09-11
712-892-3478 First seen 2018-03-25 712-892-3478 First seen 2019-05-08
515-275-4971 First seen 2010-01-13 641-769-7816 First seen 2014-04-29