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Recently Unidentified numbers

ia area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

515-986-4072Qwest Corporation
319-214-7470Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
319-537-5685Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
641-860-9746Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
641-923-3893Qwest Corporation
319-949-7678Unknown Network
319-933-4636Unknown Network
641-499-4646Windstream Iowa Communications - North
319-993-3294Unknown Network
712-537-2018Windstream Iowa Communications
712-438-7458United States Cellular Corp. - Iowa
319-353-8279Qwest Corporation
712-162-8587Unknown Network
515-772-8648Unknown Network
563-164-9720Unknown Network
641-846-9994Mcc Telephony Of Iowa
712-183-3474Unknown Network
712-901-1670Unknown Network
319-485-6552Unknown Network
515-483-9315Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(551) 273-2187Unknown

Scam and spam. Don’t bother picking up. Blocked and reported.

(844) 970-0745Unknown

I don't know who this is!! Got 5-6 calls back to back from this number!!

(856) 299-7200Dangerous

I get tencalls a day saying a warrant is out for my arrest because of illegal activity in a different state, using my social security card!

(512) 263-8965Unknown

Chinese voicemail with a local number. No idea what was said.

(512) 399-8397Dangerous


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641-923-3197 First seen 2010-02-04 515-772-2354 First seen 2011-09-05
319-353-3223 First seen 2010-01-23 319-949-5106 First seen 2012-10-28
515-772-2354 First seen 2019-06-23 515-483-8238 First seen 2010-03-11
319-949-5106 First seen 2012-05-06 319-485-1150 First seen 2013-01-04
641-499-7002 First seen 2014-09-09 712-183-1932 First seen 2019-01-03
All Time This Month
319-353-2136 First seen 2013-03-05 712-183-3540 First seen 2014-02-06
515-483-6045 First seen 2012-09-09 712-438-2721 First seen 2017-07-15
563-164-3382 First seen 2010-07-10 319-214-6929 First seen 2012-03-04
319-993-7676 First seen 2019-04-23 641-923-3592 First seen 2018-02-26
319-214-6929 First seen 2014-03-23 641-499-9865 First seen 2013-04-26