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Alabama area code map

Recently Unidentified numbers

al area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

938-409-3052Unknown Network
205-714-5932Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell Tel
938-280-4477Unknown Network
256-325-5565Knology Of Alabama
256-726-7125Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell Tel
256-815-4056Corr Wireless Communications
205-546-9213Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
251-279-5243Teleport Communications America
251-959-3821Unknown Network
334-456-1541New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA
256-859-6870Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell Tel
938-949-8664Unknown Network
938-641-3204Unknown Network
334-113-3228Unknown Network
251-625-9105Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell Tel
251-554-6516Eliska Wireless Ventures Subsidiary I
205-299-8242New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA
334-172-3745Unknown Network
938-167-8599Unknown Network

Recently Reported Numbers

These are numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

(618) 977-8699Dangerous

SSN alert scam.

(828) 575-0844Harassing

Unwanted sales call

(418) 836-4385Harassing

no voice

(204) 289-1539Harassing

Keeps calling, line is blank. Called it back says phone number unavailable

(559) 634-0197Dangerous

BE AWARE! This person is claiming to be John Welsberg. He will ask you for your bank info to add you into his Wells Fargo account as beneficiary or will send you a check. Stay away!!!

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in Alabama

56 +

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205-299-9063 First seen 2017-09-19 205-626-8680 First seen 2015-12-18
205-626-8680 First seen 2018-03-25 205-546-1645 First seen 2014-07-09
205-626-8680 First seen 2011-03-26 256-815-3287 First seen 2010-12-10
334-456-8544 First seen 2010-07-08 938-167-8969 First seen 2012-08-04
938-641-1119 First seen 2017-04-24 334-172-9711 First seen 2016-10-30
All Time This Month
205-626-3693 First seen 2012-02-21 205-714-2107 First seen 2011-06-22
938-949-1898 First seen 2011-10-26 256-726-1318 First seen 2013-10-28
256-859-1756 First seen 2014-02-05 334-113-9683 First seen 2019-09-15
205-299-8765 First seen 2011-09-06 205-546-3427 First seen 2015-04-01
938-167-6995 First seen 2018-10-09 256-325-6571 First seen 2018-05-05