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The 952-367-XXXX area code prefix is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota including Mound, Apple Valley and was originally put into service on June 13th 2000. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

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(952) 367-8510Dangerous

Have several calls from this number over the past few weeks & no voicemail. Called back & got message that number is disconnected or not in service immediately by 2nd message that wireless customer is not available & try again later. Searched number on 'CALLDETECTOR' that shows name 'Prescriptionsol'. Total SCAM!

(952) 367-8100Unknown

Called three times in a row. I didn't answer the unknown number. They didn't leave a message. I see the name Optum associated with this number on this site. I don't know Optum. But the call may have been set up by a United Healthcare nurse I've talked to and if so I know they have my email and if they want to reach me that is the way.

(952) 367-8100Neutral

Called my cell phone four times immediately despite hitting the ignore button each time due to driving. I pulled over to answer and nobody said anything so I hung up. Tried to call back and number doesn’t work.

(952) 367-1673Unknown

They left no message

(952) 367-8100Safe

Not a scam. UnitedHealthGroup has lots of different support programs that are offered to members for a variety of reasons. Even if your health insurance isn't through United, it may be affiliated with the company. These programs tend to be considered preventative which means there is no "cost" to you. It's better to be informed than to jump to conclusions.

(952) 367-8100Dangerous

I had this number call my google voice number. My google voice number is not associated with any type of my healthcare. THIS IS A SCAM NUMBER! I live in Southern California, and they are talking about how a "No-cost medical program that uses my existing benefits" which, what benefits does a Southern Californian have in Minnesota? THIS IS A SCAM NUMBER!

(952) 367-8300Unknown

It was Optum Rx. We had an issue with the Rx that was filled. I had called in and talked with a pharmacist and she called back with another question. It was a legitimate call for us.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

This one was legitimate - Optum Rx, part of United HealthCare. Amazing, first legitimate call I've gotten in a long time, follow-up on an issue I reported.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

Pretty sure it is UHC AKA United Health Care. Seems valid for several reasons, I recently expressed my displeasure and disappointment with their concept of "Health Care" and it appears they are trying to make good. Told them I would call back. I have dealt with them before and the previous complaints here are valid, they are notoriously screwed up and I have no clue why they seem like children wh

(952) 367-8300Unknown

Yes, this is still UHC

(952) 367-8300Unknown

Didn't answer because I did not recognize the number. Did not leave a message. After reading the other comments, I am not in any way connected to United Healthcare, so I question the legitimacy of this caller.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

I missed a call from this number. Called it back and got a recording identifying it as a "non-working number of United Healthcare". It said to hang up and call the number on the back of my card, so I'd say it's legit.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

Caller wanted my Date of Birth to verify me regarding a non-existent Pharmacy order (alleged for Optima RX).

(952) 367-8300Unknown

Surely they'll get right on that.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

I received a call from this number and the voicemail said they were calling from Optum RX - the - mail order prescription service attached to United Health Care (my insurance carrier). He left a message with a phone number, reference number, etc. none of which I wrote down. They continually call me to "confirm information" and I'm tired of it.

(952) 367-8300Unknown

No way of knowing if this call was legit. I don't answer numbers I don't know. If United health care let it say so on caller ID

(952) 367-8300Unknown

I received a call from Unknown at this number. The caller said she was calling about my insurance coverage with United Healthcare and began asking questions. I told her I could not talk now and hung up. I called the UH and they verified the number as being legitimate. I suggested that they have their outgoing lines listed by company name considering today's environment.

(952) 367-8100Unknown

Keeps calling cell phone no answer

(952) 367-8300Unknown

I received a call from this number asking for me by name and that they were united healthcare. They were helping my provider to gather more information because they were busy and needed my birthdate, my place of birth, and where I lived now. I refused to give the information because I see my provider regularly. I REFUSED and then called my insurance co and told them what I thought about it. Th

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