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915 Area Code Prefixes

The 915 area code is located in El Paso, Texas including Fort Hancock, Vinton and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(915) 400-4021Dangerous

Says I gonna be arrested for a loan I never received

(915) 209-7192Unknown

Messages you blindly with a partial internet link and will continually respond to any question with re populating the link. Very weird and frankly I wouldn’t trust it

(915) 208-4600Dangerous

received a call that there was fraudulent activity on my ssn and i needed to call back immediately, it's a recording and when you try to call back its just a busy signal

Recently Unidentified numbers

915 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

915-765-3143Valor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw
915-485-4491Southwestern Bell
915-287-3909Usa Mobility Wireless
915-351-3993Southwestern Bell
915-630-4568T-mobile Usa

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
915-853-8537 First seen 2015-03-02 915-911-2478 First seen 2018-08-09
915-112-5664 First seen 2015-12-21 915-112-5664 First seen 2014-06-11
915-630-4660 First seen 2012-05-14 915-911-2478 First seen 2018-01-24
915-485-9285 First seen 2013-05-01 915-476-5506 First seen 2014-10-24
915-140-5353 First seen 2014-01-25 915-713-3611 First seen 2015-07-12
All Time This Month
915-102-3519 First seen 2013-02-10 915-547-4016 First seen 2018-03-16
915-140-3016 First seen 2015-10-22 915-853-6197 First seen 2017-07-24
915-106-1091 First seen 2017-04-01 915-140-3016 First seen 2017-03-12
915-476-1319 First seen 2013-03-09 915-765-8582 First seen 2016-04-26
915-102-3519 First seen 2016-09-15 915-351-9653 First seen 2011-05-03

Cities With coverage

El Paso
Fort Hancock
Salt Flat