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(872) 267-9925Dangerous

Cash advance

(872) 267-9925Unknown

They called at 7:55 am. Thought they couldn't call until at least 8am. I agree with one previous post that says they should go to prison. We are on the do not call list but it won't stop these turds.

(872) 267-9925Unknown

I am not sure exactly what the robocall was saying as it was apparently talking through my voicemail message, but it did say something about no-deposit and call them at 312-598-3053.

(872) 267-9925Unknown

I don't know what scam it was for, just herd the number to call at the end of it. I think these scam idiots need to go to prison for 6 years like I did . But my mistake was for a legitimate crime, I didn't scare the hell into people and rip off there identity . That is some low down stuff.

(872) 267-9329Unknown

I don't answer unknown phone numbers. They left an automated voicemail, but the first part was cut off. It said- something was "..going to be corrupted, press one to speak with a representative." IMHO-it's a scam.

(872) 267-9925Dangerous

Cash Advance USA

(872) 219-3084Dangerous


(872) 219-3051Dangerous

Cash advance

(872) 219-3087Unknown

Caller says you were not available for delivery of legal documents, so they have no choice but to proceed. I have no representation, but is up to me to call them to square things.

(872) 212-5936Unknown

Hey he told me his name is Tom sent me a check this week for $4995

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