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718 Area Code Prefixes

The 718 area code is located in Brooklyn, New York including New York, Astoria and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(718) 785-0124Unknown

Ditto!!! Same robocall scam about a need to cancel renewal of an unspecified subscription.I see the FCC is on-the-ball about prosecuting this repeat violator (not!). So which is worse: the scammer or the useless FCC?

(718) 896-6500Dangerous

I just got a phone call to my cell from this number asking for my wife, with a very important message. Then when I passed them over, they started asking personal data questions for "ID purposes". She refused to give any details and asked where could she call back, and they gave a Fidelis number for client retention. Totally a scam.

(718) 119-8576Unknown

I got a call 10:30 PM. Did not answer, glad I didn’t

(718) 119-8576Unknown

Called at 11:25 pm MST. Did not answer.

(718) 119-8576Unknown

It's 9:43 local time, Central US, I don't know anyone in NY. Didn't answer, no voicemail.

(718) 119-8576Dangerous

Called on 10/12/19 did not answer

(718) 565-1722Unknown

Calls at least once a day and thankfully treates as spam by Spectrum.

(718) 119-8576Unknown

When this rang my phone listed it as a call from Russia

(718) 925-4551Unknown

Called about a "National Grid" bill. Likely a spam caller.

(718) 925-4551Unknown

Answered call at first ring, said whats this all about and caller hung up. Been getting a lot of these lately?

Recently Unidentified numbers

718 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

718-933-4797Verizon New York
718-773-1910Verizon New York
718-818-8599Verizon New York
718-279-3921Verizon New York
718-858-1948Verizon New York
718-868-8245Verizon New York
718-266-1087Verizon New York
718-347-9937Verizon New York
718-739-2670Verizon New York
718-247-4054Xo New York
718-625-8906Verizon New York
718-436-4737Verizon New York
718-529-7067Verizon New York
718-883-1907Verizon New York
718-812-3356Sprint Spectrum L.p.
718-314-6271New Cingular Wireless PCS - DC
718-298-7045Verizon New York
718-963-5938Verizon New York

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718-625-6984 First seen 2011-06-11 718-550-7785 First seen 2019-10-11
718-298-3992 First seen 2018-01-28 718-347-4713 First seen 2017-01-29
718-266-4184 First seen 2012-09-14 718-347-4713 First seen 2019-09-27
718-858-6850 First seen 2017-02-01 718-298-3992 First seen 2011-04-09
718-773-3364 First seen 2014-09-10 718-963-5900 First seen 2013-11-09
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718-279-2825 First seen 2018-12-27 718-347-2689 First seen 2011-11-25
718-933-1062 First seen 2017-05-29 718-883-2692 First seen 2017-03-10
718-858-8980 First seen 2019-06-29 718-529-3291 First seen 2015-02-16
718-868-9332 First seen 2018-12-05 718-298-4382 First seen 2015-10-07
718-739-9260 First seen 2015-07-10 718-883-2692 First seen 2013-04-24

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