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The 713-741-XXXX area code prefix is located in Houston, Texas including Sugar Land, Deer Park and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(713) 741-1717Dangerous

Short voice mail that started in the middle of what seemed to be a recording. British voice saying that I will be arrested.

Recently Unidentified numbers

713 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

713-741-4564Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-8662Southwestern Bell
713-741-1911Southwestern Bell
713-741-7003Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-7804Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-9613Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-1373Tw Telecom Of Texas LLC
713-741-7695Southwestern Bell
713-741-8966Southwestern Bell
713-741-9052Southwestern Bell
713-741-8194Southwestern Bell
713-741-5008Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-9461Usa Mobility Wireless
713-741-3744New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL
713-741-9834Southwestern Bell

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
713-741-1719 First seen 2017-06-09 713-741-1939 First seen 2012-11-02
713-741-2472 First seen 2010-04-06 713-741-9359 First seen 2015-06-29
713-741-9720 First seen 2015-05-11 713-741-9261 First seen 2019-11-10
713-741-2207 First seen 2019-07-05 713-741-9359 First seen 2013-06-04
713-741-1719 First seen 2018-07-21 713-741-9359 First seen 2010-03-04
All Time This Month
713-741-3142 First seen 2010-11-22 713-741-8553 First seen 2016-09-21
713-741-5149 First seen 2016-11-01 713-741-8351 First seen 2013-07-29
713-741-9729 First seen 2018-09-15 713-741-5280 First seen 2016-05-16
713-741-6522 First seen 2013-07-29 713-741-5642 First seen 2017-03-22
713-741-5992 First seen 2011-11-05 713-741-5992 First seen 2012-12-31

Cities With coverage

Deer Park
League City
Sugar Land