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The 713-603-XXXX area code prefix is located in Houston, Texas including Sugar Land, Deer Park and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(713) 603-8604Unknown

Got a call from this number on 10-9-19 but did not answer it. They left no message.

(713) 603-0224Neutral

National car serviceVehicle warrenty

(713) 603-5234Unknown

This number has called my home several times.

Recently Unidentified numbers

713 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

713-603-5186Southwestern Bell
713-603-9590Southwestern Bell
713-603-4116American Messaging (am)
713-603-8166Usa Mobility Wireless
713-603-8786Southwestern Bell
713-603-1066Tw Telecom Of Texas LLC
713-603-7876Southwestern Bell
713-603-2104Usa Mobility Wireless
713-603-9135Usa Mobility Wireless
713-603-9022Southwestern Bell
713-603-5561Southwestern Bell
713-603-6987Southwestern Bell
713-603-6938Southwestern Bell
713-603-9466Usa Mobility Wireless
713-603-3553Southwestern Bell
713-603-4433Southwestern Bell
713-603-6430Southwestern Bell

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
713-603-1436 First seen 2018-08-16 713-603-1357 First seen 2013-10-05
713-603-5385 First seen 2012-06-05 713-603-5587 First seen 2010-10-23
713-603-8325 First seen 2010-11-09 713-603-3744 First seen 2010-12-22
713-603-5587 First seen 2012-01-20 713-603-6158 First seen 2017-10-09
713-603-6583 First seen 2018-02-15 713-603-8325 First seen 2013-12-31
All Time This Month
713-603-5291 First seen 2013-03-08 713-603-5021 First seen 2018-12-24
713-603-4095 First seen 2018-09-13 713-603-6119 First seen 2014-01-31
713-603-7830 First seen 2011-12-22 713-603-6251 First seen 2016-09-18
713-603-1848 First seen 2015-04-17 713-603-4965 First seen 2010-03-30
713-603-4965 First seen 2011-07-22 713-603-1140 First seen 2016-05-02

Cities With coverage

Deer Park
League City
Sugar Land