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The 713-554-XXXX area code prefix is located in Houston, Texas including Sugar Land, Deer Park and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(713) 554-9208Neutral

Robocall from a local political hack in Houston who doesn't care if numbers are on the DNC list, i.e., that people don't want these robocalls. Does anyone really listen through the recording and act upon what such a windbag says?

(713) 554-9208Unknown

Another person invoking the registry even though they know perfectly well that since this is not a sales call then the caller does not need to scrub their call lists against it.

(713) 554-2126Unknown

does not leave a message

(713) 554-7066Unknown

Recorded voice of Chinese woman, lol, giving me a sales pitch in chinese. . . . .go figure.

(713) 554-9208Neutral

Another pathetic political robocall from Paul Bettencourt - what a putz - welcome to my blocked list

(713) 554-9208Neutral

call phone said unavailable. keep calling

(713) 554-9208Unknown

keep calling

(713) 554-9208Neutral

Another low life scum-sucking politician asking for support in order to make laws on how I should live my life. Forget it.

(713) 554-9208Unknown

Low life scum sucking sewer rats

(713) 554-9208Neutral

Got a call from this number, listed as "out of area". Googled the number and found it's a call from another scumbag politician. Shows as Paul Bettencourt for Senate campaign. Clearly a deceitful politician since his campaign doesn't list his campaign or name on the caller ID.

Recently Unidentified numbers

713 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

713-554-8486Southwestern Bell
713-554-6323Southwestern Bell
713-554-8341Usa Mobility Wireless
713-554-1448Southwestern Bell
713-554-9785Southwestern Bell
713-554-2480Southwestern Bell
713-554-6578Southwestern Bell
713-554-6228Usa Mobility Wireless
713-554-3674Southwestern Bell
713-554-1077Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC
713-554-3140Usa Mobility Wireless
713-554-5285Southwestern Bell
713-554-4633Teleport Communications America
713-554-5931Southwestern Bell
713-554-1250Southwestern Bell
713-554-8829Southwestern Bell
713-554-1655Southwestern Bell
713-554-1511Southwestern Bell
713-554-5377Southwestern Bell

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713-554-6399 First seen 2015-12-21 713-554-4514 First seen 2015-02-20
713-554-4514 First seen 2015-09-17 713-554-7718 First seen 2010-11-15
713-554-9585 First seen 2011-09-24 713-554-2050 First seen 2010-02-01
713-554-7995 First seen 2012-03-19 713-554-4514 First seen 2014-03-14
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713-554-3922 First seen 2015-08-14 713-554-2382 First seen 2012-07-10
713-554-2382 First seen 2011-07-12 713-554-7183 First seen 2015-04-13
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713-554-7335 First seen 2019-04-28 713-554-1646 First seen 2016-04-16
713-554-7183 First seen 2012-02-23 713-554-8851 First seen 2019-03-19

Cities With coverage

Deer Park
League City
Sugar Land