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The 713-334-XXXX area code prefix is located in Houston, Texas including Sugar Land, Deer Park and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

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(713) 334-8934Unknown

Just called me. No message.

(713) 334-2166Unknown

You were banned from here years ago. Looks like they should have cleaned everything out of these threads, which is what I am going to recommend now. Go back under your rock troll.

(713) 334-2166Unknown

Previous business name for Michael emoreth Arnold and Michael Alan Dirksen related to mr. Amy Lynette Dirksen naukam born April 1968 and Rebecca Dorothy bliss DirksenScam business name:YOR Medical CompanyPhone: (888) 608-924611152 Westheimer Rd.,#218, Houston, TX 77042

(713) 334-2166Neutral

The callers real name is Michael Emoreth Arnold and he moved from California to Houston to continue his scam operation. The office in California is still open for scam business and Michael E Arnold has another associate running his scam in that office. Michael E Arnold's goal is deceive and trick you by telling you that you ordered from them before, or you placed an order with them, or that Rive

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713 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

713-334-1308Sprint Spectrum L.p.
713-334-1243Tw Telecom Of Texas LLC
713-334-6947Southwestern Bell
713-334-2753Southwestern Bell
713-334-7724Southwestern Bell
713-334-9219Southwestern Bell
713-334-4890Southwestern Bell
713-334-7719Southwestern Bell
713-334-5090Southwestern Bell
713-334-4493Southwestern Bell
713-334-8880Southwestern Bell
713-334-8836Southwestern Bell
713-334-7069Southwestern Bell
713-334-4126Usa Mobility Wireless
713-334-6746Southwestern Bell
713-334-1273Southwestern Bell
713-334-2488Teleport Communications America

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713-334-1766 First seen 2011-11-19 713-334-1903 First seen 2011-04-27
713-334-2528 First seen 2011-04-19 713-334-5419 First seen 2017-06-16
713-334-9194 First seen 2017-01-04 713-334-8888 First seen 2010-01-15
713-334-4834 First seen 2018-03-27 713-334-6813 First seen 2011-03-09
713-334-9621 First seen 2013-05-02 713-334-8441 First seen 2013-11-22
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713-334-4529 First seen 2016-09-06 713-334-3217 First seen 2014-12-28
713-334-2316 First seen 2015-07-13 713-334-6325 First seen 2012-08-26
713-334-5096 First seen 2016-08-19 713-334-4003 First seen 2014-01-23
713-334-7840 First seen 2012-12-14 713-334-6066 First seen 2015-01-06
713-334-5680 First seen 2018-05-29 713-334-9307 First seen 2014-05-19

Cities With coverage

Deer Park
League City
Sugar Land