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713 Area Code Prefixes

The 713 area code is located in Houston, Texas including Sugar Land, Deer Park and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(713) 389-6062Harassing

Someone by the name of Manuel continues to text me,saying he is having a bad day at work and needs someone to talk to.

(713) 300-1456Harassing

Stalking my Facebook and Gmail account.

Recently Unidentified numbers

713 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

713-921-1410Southwestern Bell
713-396-6576Zeus Wireless LLC
713-318-1988Usa Mobility Wireless
713-269-6608Aerial Communications
713-738-7957Southwestern Bell
713-229-5308Southwestern Bell
713-678-6315Southwestern Bell
713-672-1922Southwestern Bell
713-224-1078Southwestern Bell
713-665-2008Southwestern Bell
713-299-3437Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
713-904-1329Teleport Communications America
713-828-9937Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
713-524-4191Southwestern Bell
713-426-4267Southwestern Bell
713-434-8938Southwestern Bell
713-994-8908Southwestern Bell
713-234-6854Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
713-318-4244 First seen 2012-07-09 713-950-7020 First seen 2012-10-06
713-234-6638 First seen 2016-06-20 713-672-7246 First seen 2016-12-10
713-396-4140 First seen 2013-12-09 713-299-8013 First seen 2016-04-03
713-950-7020 First seen 2015-08-20 713-224-7867 First seen 2015-08-16
713-921-3098 First seen 2013-08-03 713-269-3316 First seen 2014-01-31
All Time This Month
713-994-2944 First seen 2013-06-22 713-229-4940 First seen 2010-02-23
713-738-1485 First seen 2019-01-02 713-950-6232 First seen 2013-02-03
713-434-1000 First seen 2010-06-16 713-738-1485 First seen 2013-08-27
713-678-5993 First seen 2017-02-08 713-269-2423 First seen 2011-05-06
713-738-1485 First seen 2013-10-17 713-665-8841 First seen 2015-01-31

Cities With coverage

Deer Park
League City
Sugar Land