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Total Reported Spam Calls : 175
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Total Reported Spam Calls : 184
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Total Reported Spam Calls : 175
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The 647-761-XXXX area code prefix is located in Toronto, Ontario including and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(647) 761-8564Unknown

same here no message

(647) 761-8319Unknown

This is actually Wells Fargo.

(647) 761-3099Unknown

Could not understand what they were saying perhaps something about my phone heavy accent

(647) 761-3768Neutral

+1 (951) 923-8176 Texted me that my DHL package can be tracked I’d click on the order number on text basically. “ Hello Megan, your DHL package with tracking code GB-6412-GH83 is waiting for you to set delivery I didn’t order anything( that has my name as Megan btw too it’s under my nickname or my hubbies name cause of his card and if I haven’t set up delivery p

(647) 761-1369Unknown

they call every day. don't leave a message. so tired of these calls.

(647) 761-6968Neutral

Just got a text that my package from DHL sends to be confirmed and I haven’t ordered anything

(647) 761-5779Neutral

Calls every day at 8am and after 5pm never leaves a message, so I called back to see and it was "Sunrise Credit Services"

(647) 761-2921Dangerous

Spam call from mortgage company wanting to reduce my mortgage rate. Told them had 2% rate he said wow! Then wanted to know if I wanted cash out? Told him needed $100 Million. Idiot still did not catch on. Told him lived in White House on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC. Still did not catch on so hung up.

(647) 761-1554Unknown

I have received many calls from this number. They want to talk to me about a delinquent account or account issue through BBVA. I don’t have any delinquent BBVA accounts. I called customer service and was told this number was not associated with BBVA. They told me not to sure any information with these people. The mailing address and email address they provide is legitimate so it is very confusing.

(647) 761-1469Safe

My timeshare

(647) 761-1690Unknown

Called me

(647) 761-4577Unknown

They’ve just called my at 8:15pm why are they calling at night?!

(647) 761-2691Dangerous

Xm radio scam for calling me on the behalf of Xm radio

(647) 761-4479Dangerous


(647) 761-5675Dangerous

health insurance

(647) 761-5813Dangerous

health insurance

(647) 761-5631Unknown

I didn't recognize the number so I did not answer it. No message left.

(647) 761-4920Safe


(647) 761-1685Unknown


(647) 761-1712Dangerous

Gambling site

Recently Unidentified numbers

647 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

647-761-6302Fido Solutions Inc.
647-761-7247Bell Mobility
647-761-7636Iristel Inc.
647-761-3103Bell Canada
647-761-8531Telus Mobility
647-761-8697Telus Mobility
647-761-8255Fido Solutions Inc.

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647-761-3708First seen 2013-06-26647-761-1140First seen 2017-04-18
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647-761-3687First seen 2016-05-30647-761-5193First seen 2012-12-21
647-761-3068First seen 2011-05-24647-761-3218First seen 2018-12-05
647-761-4202First seen 2013-06-13647-761-1762First seen 2011-12-17
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647-761-3502First seen 2019-11-08647-761-4166First seen 2017-03-06
647-761-3909First seen 2017-08-09647-761-1225First seen 2017-04-15
647-761-5754First seen 2014-05-18647-761-6706First seen 2016-07-25
647-761-5094First seen 2017-10-04647-761-8712First seen 2014-12-17
647-761-7972First seen 2016-06-20647-761-5334First seen 2012-03-11

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