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612 Area Code Prefixes

The 612 area code is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota including Minnetonka, Plymouth and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(612) 230-4674Unknown

Keeps calling me. Uses the name Ashley. I've asked her to stop calling via text and she uses a different number each time.

(612) 815-5872Dangerous

My cell phone number used to be owned by Jeffrey Montague. I’ve had this number for 3 years. This company keeps calling me asking for him (as he owes people all over the place). I’ve called this company and told them this...and instead of really taking my cell off their list, they continue to call me. BIG HUGE SIGH!!!

(612) 230-4674Unknown

repeated calls, no voice on message.

(612) 815-5872Dangerous

don't know them

(612) 428-4639Unknown

Left voicemail threatening legal proceedings if call not returned at this number.

(612) 930-1851Dangerous

This Person is trying to get me to Send him 7,000.00s . insists that I have won some lottery money 12, million But claims that I have to pay the 7,000.00s to release the 12 million.. I told him to stop bothering me. Because I believe it's A scam. I also blocked him. He finds other ways to continue to contact me. By calling me.or finding other ways. He tells me that its not A scam. That it real. He

(612) 216-2259Dangerous

Mr. Joseph Hanan called my cell phone number looking for my daughter. I asked who and what he wanted with her, and why he had my number. He tried to get an attitude but that doesn't work with me. I said I would have my daughter contact him and hung up

(612) 815-5872Unknown


(612) 314-0627Harassing


(612) 428-4391Unknown

Trying to find out who owns this number.

Recently Unidentified numbers

612 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

612-685-9307Sprint Spectrum L.p.
612-704-8908Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
612-720-4829Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
612-874-5323Qwest Corporation
612-467-3772Qwest Corporation
612-729-5659Qwest Corporation
612-524-1123Brooks Fiber Communications

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612-685-8367 First seen 2012-10-16 612-536-4210 First seen 2012-10-07
612-536-4210 First seen 2016-10-20 612-198-6969 First seen 2018-08-24
612-467-6624 First seen 2016-11-16 612-811-7455 First seen 2014-12-08
612-685-8367 First seen 2017-02-02 612-797-6597 First seen 2014-06-29
612-198-6969 First seen 2015-11-06 612-164-6953 First seen 2015-08-31
All Time This Month
612-164-3148 First seen 2015-04-02 612-811-5642 First seen 2010-08-02
612-164-3148 First seen 2014-10-17 612-524-3059 First seen 2015-07-02
612-729-2874 First seen 2013-05-01 612-704-3437 First seen 2016-05-06
612-874-2391 First seen 2016-08-26 612-146-6427 First seen 2015-05-22
612-524-3059 First seen 2016-06-01 612-979-7693 First seen 2011-08-12

Cities With coverage

Saint Paul
Twin Cities Amf