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The 539 area code is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma including and was originally put into service on January 25th 2011. Find whose number this is.

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(539) 666-1340Unknown

No message left

(539) 202-2892Unknown

Called two times today. No message left.

(539) 233-1496Unknown

I didn't answer. No message.

(539) 233-2606Dangerous

It’s that scam about the national coalition for police officers that pull on your heart strings to get you to donate. Do your research; the police only sees pennies on the dollar from this and this organization makes a profit off this scam.There are better ways to support the police.

(539) 888-8162Unknown

No one there when I answered.

(539) 424-4081Unknown

Has me 97 times I have ask them to stop they have not

(539) 202-7794Unknown

Called at 10am - I didn't answer - no message was left on my answer machine. I am not in the state where a 539 area code would be a local call.

(539) 202-7794Dangerous


(539) 202-7794Dangerous


(539) 424-4081Dangerous

nonstop harrassment.

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539 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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539-149-3078 First seen 2012-11-09 539-868-3115 First seen 2013-08-06
539-786-2818 First seen 2015-07-31 539-900-7649 First seen 2015-03-08
539-316-1556 First seen 2016-06-23 539-389-9857 First seen 2015-05-21
539-980-3510 First seen 2016-11-01 539-970-9248 First seen 2016-12-18
539-980-3510 First seen 2018-08-26 539-484-2227 First seen 2011-01-18
All Time This Month
539-484-3703 First seen 2014-07-03 539-447-7001 First seen 2017-08-13
539-389-9048 First seen 2011-09-18 539-868-4551 First seen 2018-09-08
539-970-4692 First seen 2019-09-13 539-997-5888 First seen 2012-09-20
539-786-7754 First seen 2011-09-13 539-947-8859 First seen 2013-10-05
539-484-3703 First seen 2011-08-06 539-316-6423 First seen 2017-04-09

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