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Prefix # Primary City Phone Provider County Type First Added
(539) 302 Tulsa Western Communications, Inc DBA Logix Comm Tulsa landline and VOIP December 31st 2013
(539) 573 Tulsa Southwestern Bell Tulsa landline and VOIP October 4th 2011
(539) 664 Tulsa Cox Cable Oklahoma City Inc. Tulsa landline and VOIP January 25th 2011
(539) 777 Tulsa Fulltel Tulsa landline and VOIP June 8th 2011
(539) 832 Tulsa Cox Cable Oklahoma City Inc. Tulsa landline and VOIP November 2nd 2011

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Recently Unidentified numbers

539 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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Cell Landline
All Time This Month All Time This Month
539-302-3700 539-302-2625
539-302-3752 539-302-3007

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Josh Rossi Dorado

I'm a photographer and was able to find out companies who were using my images without permission. I should be able to reach out to them to get them to stop or pay me for the use. 10/10 would use your service again. Thanks for the help!

Josh Rossi Dorado, Puerto Rico

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