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534 Area Code Prefixes

The 534 area code is located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin including and was originally put into service on December 7th 2011. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(534) 444-4056Dangerous

Microsoft wants to refund me for something I never had.

(534) 444-4056Unknown

Claimed to want to refund money for a security service I have with Microsoft. No such service and I have never contracted for any such thing. Definitely a scam.

(534) 444-4056Unknown

scam to put a malware on your computer -=-=---- those guys should be arrested-

(534) 444-4056Unknown

I received a call from this number which did show as 'Potential Spam' on my phone (note that I have had others that are listed as 'Potential Spam' but were valid partners). I answered and dead silence. Said hello twice and still no response. I hung up. Waited a few minutes and then dialed the number. Got a call center in India (at least the person speaking was from India) where the person said 'He

(534) 248-4266Dangerous


(534) 400-4298Dangerous

Talked right over me so I couldn’t say a word.

(534) 248-4266Unknown

Got a call from this number a few minutes ago. I didn't answer and let it go to voice mail but they left no message. Blocked.

(534) 248-4266Unknown

so happy iPhone new update allows calls not in your contact list to go straight to voice mail. click on settings scroll all the way down the phone icon and turn on Silence unknown callers (you'll thank me later). You'll still get the popup of missed call but it won't disturb you day :-)

(534) 170-7036Unknown

534-170-7036 called a few times.

(534) 400-5936Dangerous

Seems like they generate a new # every other day. Called, no v.m., now blocked

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534 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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534-477-1165 First seen 2013-02-02 534-765-5170 First seen 2012-02-26
534-293-1300 First seen 2013-01-23 534-967-5459 First seen 2015-04-29
534-918-8529 First seen 2016-09-08 534-562-9351 First seen 2011-10-17
534-845-1672 First seen 2011-06-08 534-765-5170 First seen 2018-10-15
534-477-1165 First seen 2010-08-07 534-252-7162 First seen 2019-07-01
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534-562-8544 First seen 2016-08-10 534-562-8544 First seen 2017-02-16
534-374-7439 First seen 2018-06-14 534-918-8783 First seen 2015-02-22
534-252-2271 First seen 2013-08-02 534-392-6031 First seen 2010-08-06
534-818-6158 First seen 2013-03-02 534-677-6185 First seen 2014-02-12
534-818-6158 First seen 2018-04-29 534-477-5755 First seen 2014-11-04

Cities With coverage

Chippewa Falls