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531 Area Code Prefixes

The 531 area code is located in Lincoln, Nebraska including and was originally put into service on February 13th 2013. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(531) 600-1894Dangerous

These calls are coming from spoofed numbers that show as individuals or businesses, but in reality are a robocall designed to scam you out of your personal information - DO NOT RESPOND. Message says "Thanks for your order. $300 was charged to your tax reporting account tech support computer services renewal for one more year. For refund, call - the number in question".

(531) 321-3039Unknown

* calls a day same voice just different numbers. also the Trump calls are out of hand and just harassment calls.

(531) 321-3038Unknown


(531) 321-3038Dangerous


(531) 200-7253Unknown

Got a call yesterday.

(531) 533-5130Unknown

Got a phone call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.

(531) 225-1731Unknown

Bogus call about my student loan, which I don't have.

(531) 223-1186Unknown

I just got a call from this phone number.

(531) 213-1767Unknown

Got a call from 531-213-1767. No message left.

(531) 999-4797Unknown

This number is calling my house.

Recently Unidentified numbers

531 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

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531-238-9328 First seen 2012-07-03 531-922-7324 First seen 2016-09-04
531-750-9725 First seen 2019-02-24 531-660-9863 First seen 2017-05-11
531-750-9725 First seen 2017-09-18 531-658-6599 First seen 2014-12-13
531-317-5208 First seen 2012-06-27 531-124-6857 First seen 2016-08-28
531-527-8360 First seen 2013-10-24 531-812-5018 First seen 2018-12-07
All Time This Month
531-989-2238 First seen 2018-03-26 531-896-6343 First seen 2019-06-15
531-393-6018 First seen 2010-07-21 531-907-4952 First seen 2018-03-02
531-848-9404 First seen 2019-05-31 531-812-7693 First seen 2018-07-31
531-393-6018 First seen 2019-05-06 531-784-3826 First seen 2015-01-25
531-658-9742 First seen 2019-05-11 531-317-8173 First seen 2019-08-28

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