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480 Area Code Prefixes

The 480 area code is located in Phoenix, Arizona including Mesa, Chandler and was originally put into service on July 22nd 1999. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(480) 937-2054Dangerous


(480) 573-8301Dangerous

Reward redemption

(480) 550-3229Dangerous

Found online the caller said it was Discover but Discover says it isn’t them.

(480) 573-8301Dangerous

$100.00 retail rebate voucher

(480) 999-5605Dangerous

Dumb f***s

(480) 485-8142Dangerous

Calling to blackmail with videos pictures wanting 1500.00 and then 5000.00 and claiming to be above and beyond any legal action because they arent inthe usa using VoIP and fake numbers. What they fail to know is no matter how fake their number is their actual ip address is attached to the fake number.

(480) 573-0096Dangerous

This is a spam, the number on your phone may show diff, they use a mask number. If they leave a voicemail, check the number it was left from.

(480) 573-0096Neutral

Mary left a message. Mary wants to buy a house for cash.

(480) 386-5597Neutral

LOL, I got the same call from Anthony. I use to use this tactic all the time to get people to call me back when I was cold calling to sell them something. I would be like "HEY JOHN, It's BOB! Call me back and made it sound like, "Let's Catch Up, Remember Me?! (URGENCY) Rember what killed that CAT, Curiosity! lmfao!!!

(480) 530-0980Dangerous

Calls every day

Recently Unidentified numbers

480 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

480-212-8629Allegiance Telecom Of Arizona
480-383-3384Teleport Communications America
480-481-1439Qwest Corporation
480-441-1596Qwest Corporation
480-296-8424Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC
480-763-6240Qwest Corporation
480-818-4660Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
480-301-6113Qwest Corporation
480-842-5269360networks (usa) Inc.
480-279-7498Qwest Corporation
480-929-7625Qwest Corporation
480-831-9004Qwest Corporation

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All Time This Month
480-481-4361 First seen 2010-07-16 480-691-9774 First seen 2010-09-30
480-763-6095 First seen 2017-07-23 480-842-9900 First seen 2015-06-26
480-955-3916 First seen 2012-11-04 480-763-6095 First seen 2018-10-30
480-211-1238 First seen 2013-12-19 480-743-8044 First seen 2010-05-27
480-481-4361 First seen 2010-12-16 480-896-8561 First seen 2010-11-01
All Time This Month
480-831-5949 First seen 2011-04-16 480-296-5774 First seen 2016-03-20
480-743-2250 First seen 2013-11-15 480-480-4289 First seen 2011-07-05
480-955-3782 First seen 2013-06-13 480-743-2250 First seen 2013-11-06
480-763-5469 First seen 2014-11-03 480-383-8885 First seen 2010-05-17
480-929-4020 First seen 2014-03-19 480-597-3373 First seen 2013-09-06

Cities With coverage

Apache Junction
Casa Grande
Cave Creek
Fountain Hills
Queen Creek