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Total Reported Spam Calls : 365
The 415-506-XXXX area code prefix is located in San Francisco, California including Novato, Oakland and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(415) 506-7152Unknown

Received a couple of calls from this number.

(415) 506-2315Dangerous

Called saying I was approved for a Personal loan, which I was applying for Online (Bad Idea) anyhow they said I would have to Open account with Wells Fargo.... The guys name was Daniel Carter. Don’t believe! I called him back asking Curious questions and he then said that I wasn’t approved for the loan anymore so have a wonderful day I then knew that yes it was a scam and it was fake.

(415) 506-2315Dangerous

Said they are with lending club, had all information. Unknown if true.. the other half gave them all our info... so idk

(415) 506-2315Dangerous

(415)-506- 2296.Said they're Lending Club but, it's a scam

(415) 506-1324Dangerous

I had a similar experience. Didn’t give them any money, but when they said they needed to “confirm my identity by sending me 1,000 and have me wire it back to them through Western Union” I became extremely suspicious. I told them to call me back in an hour and I contacted Lending Club directly to confirm the details of the loan. They didn’t have an approval on file for me and it was in fact a scam

(415) 506-2315Dangerous

This company is FAKE!! They say they are a lending company but they are not.

(415) 506-2315Unknown

This company is false be careful the say theh are a lending company but they are not

(415) 506-1324Dangerous

Thank you for posting this and sharing it. I got a call from the same number but they left a voicemail. They also said were from Lending Club and could get pre-approved loan of $5000. Or $3000. Do need the money but figured might have been a scam.

(415) 506-1324Unknown

This just happened to me im [***]. Pissed

(415) 506-1324Dangerous

I recently searched for personal loans i filled out 2 applications then i started getting texts and calls from different numbers but i dont know how i answered the call from 415-506-1324 and sure enough caller identified himself as a representative from lending club to inform me that i had been approved for a $3000 loan. I really kind of got excited because i really need that money this happened 3

(415) 506-1324Unknown

Only if snowballs won't melt in July.

Recently Unidentified numbers

415 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

415-506-2997Sprint Spectrum L.p.
415-506-8997Pacific Bell
415-506-3286Sprint Spectrum L.p.
415-506-1602New Cingular Wireless PCS
415-506-2790Pacific Bell
415-506-1357Pacific Bell
415-506-6948Mci Worldcom Communications, Ca
415-506-5922Pacific Bell
415-506-8236Bandwidth.com Clec
415-506-3135Pacific Bell
415-506-8798Pacific Bell
415-506-8135Sprint Spectrum L.p.
415-506-6822Pacific Bell
415-506-2116American Messaging (am)

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415-506-7694First seen 2012-01-18415-506-7846First seen 2011-07-14
415-506-5663First seen 2017-05-02415-506-4712First seen 2015-06-11
415-506-5027First seen 2013-04-20415-506-6023First seen 2016-12-09
415-506-5572First seen 2012-10-07415-506-3512First seen 2011-08-22
415-506-1769First seen 2017-03-05415-506-5350First seen 2014-02-28
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415-506-4258First seen 2011-05-31415-506-6207First seen 2013-02-23
415-506-1978First seen 2017-08-30415-506-8007First seen 2019-08-21
415-506-9993First seen 2014-12-29415-506-3837First seen 2015-12-12
415-506-9247First seen 2010-12-19415-506-4980First seen 2013-10-01
415-506-8515First seen 2019-04-13415-506-4449First seen 2020-02-15

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