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414 Area Code Prefixes

The 414 area code is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin including South Milwaukee, Hales Corners and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(414) 240-3227Dangerous


(414) 290-9780Dangerous

Apple support

(414) 856-5271Dangerous

I want to know is this number a scam number o not.

(414) 856-5271Unknown

If you were really that interested in finding out you would have put a lot more detail into what the call was about.

(414) 666-6226Unknown

Yes same here atleast 5 times a day bottom line its showing 666 in the number ill be damned if i'm answering it..

(414) 203-3006Unknown

Always calls

(414) 346-7156Unknown

Got a call from 414-346-7156.

(414) 288-6955Unknown

unknown call to my cell phone. hung up without really answering it.

(414) 409-1003Dangerous

got a call, left silent message

(414) 240-4080Unknown

No one is on the other end really weird

Recently Unidentified numbers

414 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

414-354-1855Ameritech Wisconsin
414-385-1617Ameritech Wisconsin
414-412-2671New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL
414-604-8095Ameritech Wisconsin
414-967-1919Ameritech Wisconsin
414-651-4860United States Cellular Corp. - Wisconsin
414-558-8678American Messaging (am)
414-828-4906New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL
414-600-8781Neutral Tandem-illinois
414-282-3137Ameritech Wisconsin
414-535-9191Ameritech Wisconsin
414-944-2085Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC
414-482-4698Ameritech Wisconsin

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
414-356-6285 First seen 2015-09-11 414-835-3778 First seen 2011-02-19
414-604-4954 First seen 2010-07-04 414-354-9830 First seen 2010-01-22
414-944-9828 First seen 2010-01-22 414-482-1791 First seen 2015-11-02
414-828-3782 First seen 2016-12-17 414-558-3679 First seen 2012-11-18
414-558-3679 First seen 2013-03-25 414-913-1914 First seen 2012-03-11
All Time This Month
414-835-2839 First seen 2010-10-23 414-835-2839 First seen 2017-03-13
414-913-1486 First seen 2011-07-08 414-599-1210 First seen 2016-07-24
414-356-8973 First seen 2016-07-26 414-114-2108 First seen 2013-12-08
414-282-1694 First seen 2016-06-18 414-944-9806 First seen 2010-10-14
414-356-8973 First seen 2017-05-06 414-651-6483 First seen 2012-05-15

Cities With coverage

Hales Corners
South Milwaukee