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Total Reported Spam Calls : 342
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The 401-788-XXXX area code prefix is located in Providence, Rhode Island including Bristol, East Greenwich and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Run a search and find out who's calling you now.

Recently Reported Numbers

(401) 788-5119Dangerous


(401) 788-6283Dangerous

Called my phone and it said it was SPAM RISK. Didn't answer

(401) 788-2706Unknown

Drug marketing screwballs. HUNG UP, BLOCKED.

(401) 788-6179Dangerous

Not sure? Just know they call during the middle of the night.

(401) 788-3928Unknown

Robo call... calls repeatedly, hangs up when answered....no option to remove

(401) 788-5575Neutral

Received this message:TOTAL CARD VISA CX:otact CRMG to resolve your obligation or negotiate a 60% settlement.Text Last-4-OF SSN & EMAIL to 916.776.6696www.crmgllc.usExactly like that on my cell phone I responded with my own text message:Wtf u joking right u definitely have the wrong person I do not have a Total Card VISA CX do not text this number again find the person who owes this debt. You are

(401) 788-6376Dangerous

This is a Scammer claiming to be with BSO Broward Sheriffs Office. This man is a FAKE scammer and will ask you to pay police fines by going to CVS or Walgreens to get gift cards to pay the fines via a third party. Report this scamming pig to the police.

(401) 788-3113Unknown

Got the same number twice. Picked it up and could hear several people talking. When I didn't say anything they hung up.

(401) 788-7374Dangerous

Call from this number with "Sebatha KS" showing in caller ID. Did not answer and they did not leave a message. The iPhone app Mr Number says "No name available" for the number so I am quite sure it is a scam of some sort

(401) 788-2938Unknown

Legal services

(401) 788-9151Unknown

Unknown number calling

(401) 788-5141Dangerous

Clean up you mac clean up/deleted cookies, web data, restart with hold shift, or clean up running Malwarebyte,download it free. I chat with apple and not from apple, is scammer.

(401) 788-2645Unknown

If you use Google and still there go to extentions and tap repair. And will be gone.That virus scammer show up when I open Amazon. Remember restated you web while tap shift for MAC.

(401) 788-1051Unknown

Received 26 robo calls in the past 4 days. All except for this one just hung up and left no message. This one I’m reporting called on Valentine’s Day of 2020 said I was “set for life” and won 18,000,000.00 plus 10,000 a week for life. Unlike most of you others that reported this scam, I DO enter the Publishes Clearing House sweepstakes and know that the winner has yet to be selected on Feb. 28th (

(401) 788-2255Dangerous

It was an unanswered call, VM states that if I don’t return call money would automatically be deducted from my account. I’ve given no permission for it and they didn’t say who they were calling with or what payment was for!

(401) 788-1286Unknown

Got a call from this number. No message left.

(401) 788-3535Dangerous

Several calls at all hours of the day and night. No way its food stamps they would not call at all hours of the night. Its been 2 1/2 months of these calls.At first during the day but the last several weeks its 9 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm, 1230 am, 1 am 345 am, 4 am, 530 am and 6 am.. WTF stop calling if you are not leaving a message then its not important! If you really want to talk to someone you wont ca

Recently Unidentified numbers

401 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

401-788-3550Verizon New England Inc.
401-788-6967Verizon New England Inc.
401-788-3811Level 3 Communications
401-788-4441Verizon New England Inc.
401-788-9453Teleport Communications America
401-788-2945Global Naps
401-788-1361Level 3 Communications
401-788-4685Conversent Communications Of Rhode Island
401-788-3054Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC
401-788-4557Global Naps
401-788-2477Verizon New England Inc.
401-788-9645Cox Rhode Island Telecom Inc
401-788-6533Verizon New England Inc.
401-788-5701Paetec Communications

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401-788-1654First seen 2018-02-19401-788-2544First seen 2013-04-02
401-788-9522First seen 2019-05-02401-788-8969First seen 2012-03-12
401-788-9954First seen 2010-12-05401-788-8229First seen 2016-05-05
401-788-4144First seen 2012-08-28401-788-8758First seen 2013-08-02
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401-788-4740First seen 2012-04-22401-788-6037First seen 2015-05-25
401-788-7267First seen 2012-04-25401-788-2322First seen 2014-07-15
401-788-6471First seen 2011-02-12401-788-1904First seen 2018-02-20
401-788-7415First seen 2016-11-09401-788-8085First seen 2019-02-16
401-788-7805First seen 2019-01-28401-788-4292First seen 2019-04-28

Cities With coverage

Block Island
East Greenwich
Hope Valley
Little Compton
North Kingstown
North Providence
West Warwick