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Area Code 365 Information and Location Details

Country Canada
State Ontario
Largest City Tottenham
Timezone Eastern

The 365 area code is located in Tottenham, Ontario including Bradford, Beeton, Oshawa and was originally put into service on January 1st 1970. Since 365 was implemented, it has grown to 4 cities. The 365 area code currently has 4 phone number prefixes from carriers like Comwave Networks, Iristel Inc. and more.

Area Code Map

Area Code 365 Prefixes

Prefix # Primary City Phone Provider County Type First Added
(365) 266 Bradford Comwave Networks landline and VOIP January 1st 1970
(365) 540 Tottenham Comwave Networks landline and VOIP January 1st 1970
(365) 560 Beeton Comwave Networks landline and VOIP January 1st 1970
(365) 800 Oshawa Iristel Inc. landline and VOIP January 1st 1970

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