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239 Area Code Prefixes

The 239 area code is located in Fort Myers, Florida including Naples, Ft Myers and was originally put into service on January 19th 2001. Find whose number this is.

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239 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

239-657-4504Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink
239-304-2140Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink
239-243-2713Comcast Phone Of Florida
239-588-3746New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA
239-775-3702Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink
239-997-5355Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink
239-649-7813Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink
239-671-1207Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
239-985-6584Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
239-243-5137 First seen 2018-04-07 239-493-4054 First seen 2012-10-17
239-304-5965 First seen 2014-09-11 239-304-5965 First seen 2011-10-28
239-985-1333 First seen 2013-03-06 239-316-1879 First seen 2013-07-07
239-243-5137 First seen 2016-06-06 239-111-9647 First seen 2018-09-14
239-657-3732 First seen 2018-10-16 239-704-4107 First seen 2010-08-06
All Time This Month
239-997-3017 First seen 2015-07-17 239-704-8593 First seen 2019-06-22
239-304-8451 First seen 2014-05-04 239-775-4333 First seen 2013-02-20
239-243-6321 First seen 2013-01-25 239-835-3351 First seen 2016-02-29
239-499-8573 First seen 2015-10-21 239-720-4254 First seen 2018-05-25
239-704-8593 First seen 2019-02-03 239-304-8451 First seen 2016-01-30

Cities With coverage

Bonita Spgs
Bonita Springs
Cape Coral
Fort Myers
Fort Myers Beach
Ft Myers
Ft Myers Beach
Lehigh Acres
Marco Island
N Fort Myers
Winter Haven