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213 Area Code Prefixes

The 213 area code is located in Los Angeles, California including Gardena, Sherman Oaks and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(213) 674-6114Dangerous

Money Scammers

(213) 205-2742Unknown

A girl said she was from some broker interested in my vehicle wanted to ask questions about it from an ad on Craigslist. She wanted my name and my name was already on the ad. I told her to ask the questions and she got rude I told her don't ever call me again. She said I wont super pissy

(213) 347-5682Unknown

Our house phone rang about 9:50 PM. I did not recognize the number as one familiar to me in the 213 area. Seeing no ID, I refused to answer. A call at this hour disturbs other family members who are sleeping. I'm retired, no longer live in CA, and have no need to receive a call fromLA School District.

(213) 556-4716Dangerous

Windows Refund Scam. Recorded call.

(213) 556-4716Unknown

Hi! This is Plopsip from the Refund Center. Give me all your personal information and Boris will send you what you deserve. Alahu etc. Also sells photos of naked children if you press a different number Calls every five or ten minutes.

(213) 556-4716Dangerous

I’ve received probable 10 to 20 calls today that you blocked after the call rang and rang!

(213) 556-4716Unknown

These people call and leave no message. I am guessing that this is a number that belongs to the Church of Scientology International or Los Angeles -- same difference. They want your money but it is a sham. They belong with the democRAT loonies, Pelosi-Shumer-Schiff etc, etc

(213) 319-7480Dangerous

Unwanted call from an unknown name caller on 11/8/2019 at 11:29 AM.

(213) 504-8863Dangerous

They called, I didn't answer. They left a 40+ second voicemail in both chinese and English, saying something about a document that needs information or something like that. Obviously something you wouldn't/shouldn't do. Junk call.

(213) 295-1315Unknown

Rec’d call from Harry Hansen to cancel subscription within 48 hours iin order to avoid $399 charge. Call came from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Number that appeared on my phone:954-429-5750

Recently Unidentified numbers

213 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

213-417-9665Paetec Communications
213-792-5314Sprint Spectrum L.p.
213-250-3740Pacific Bell
213-413-1564Pacific Bell
213-710-991733 Wireless Inc.
213-224-1785Telcentris Communications
213-920-9015Usa Mobility Wireless
213-748-6390Pacific Bell
213-943-3466Xo California
213-443-9085Teleport Communications Group - Los Angeles

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213-710-2894 First seen 2018-09-27 213-336-2564 First seen 2014-06-01
213-844-9215 First seen 2013-02-17 213-374-9044 First seen 2012-05-23
213-264-8739 First seen 2010-05-18 213-782-8588 First seen 2012-01-15
213-443-5109 First seen 2011-06-29 213-101-3029 First seen 2014-03-13
213-224-6016 First seen 2019-08-09 213-943-5440 First seen 2018-05-05
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213-101-3200 First seen 2017-09-13 213-844-5115 First seen 2011-08-04
213-932-2321 First seen 2011-08-30 213-782-6295 First seen 2011-12-06
213-943-4173 First seen 2012-07-10 213-943-4173 First seen 2015-04-08
213-748-8275 First seen 2016-11-11 213-443-5856 First seen 2014-04-18
213-417-3926 First seen 2018-02-22 213-101-3200 First seen 2015-12-24

Cities With coverage

Los Angeles
Sherman Oaks