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212 Area Code Prefixes

The 212 area code is located in New York, New York including Manhattan, Bronx and was originally put into service on February 4th 1994. Find whose number this is.

Recently Reported Numbers

(212) 392-4183Dangerous

Said they were Chinese consulate and I have 0 reasons for them to reach out to me. Less than 0 reasons.

(212) 340-0400Unknown

Scam, do no answer

(212) 444-3400Dangerous

Apple ID Scam

(212) 708-3986Unknown

Call on cell phone just now. Did't answer. Number now blocked

(212) 708-3986Unknown

Call on cell phone just now. Did't answer. Number now blocked

(212) 835-3193Unknown

I ignored the call.

(212) 244-1432Unknown

Another unknown number.

(212) 439-6593Unknown

212-439-6593 called a few times.

(212) 244-3713Unknown

They called my mobile phone.

(212) 249-0229Unknown

Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.

Recently Unidentified numbers

212 area code numbers that might be spam, scams or that people have reported as unidentified callers

212-410-5832Verizon New York
212-473-8781Verizon New York
212-236-4552Verizon New York
212-802-5698Verizon New York
212-344-1597Verizon New York
212-285-4849Verizon New York
212-827-7987Verizon New York
212-776-4615Verizon New York
212-349-6903Verizon New York
212-269-6076Verizon New York
212-283-7454Verizon New York
212-879-4264Verizon New York
212-879-8905Verizon New York
212-883-5041Verizon New York
212-561-1653Verizon New York
212-241-3106Xo New York
212-467-1364Mci Worldcom Communications Inc.

Most searched numbers

All Time This Month
212-344-3395 First seen 2019-10-26 212-879-9438 First seen 2013-03-07
212-776-9577 First seen 2016-04-21 212-285-5360 First seen 2018-03-18
212-241-8597 First seen 2017-12-30 212-241-8597 First seen 2018-03-02
212-883-1046 First seen 2015-05-02 212-116-2938 First seen 2014-03-06
212-344-3395 First seen 2018-04-26 212-561-8018 First seen 2014-05-12
All Time This Month
212-879-9105 First seen 2013-01-17 212-116-1941 First seen 2019-08-30
212-283-1807 First seen 2018-11-05 212-164-8143 First seen 2012-01-12
212-172-5045 First seen 2016-08-14 212-241-5997 First seen 2018-04-14
212-164-8143 First seen 2014-07-07 212-561-2188 First seen 2012-08-11
212-467-5655 First seen 2015-08-07 212-344-2431 First seen 2011-07-16

Cities With coverage

New York